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Residing near Wasilla, Alaska, Gregory A DeHart does not consider himself to be of any renown in respect to the usual credentials of men. However, he does claim to be a recipient of the wonderful grace of Yeshua, and has tried to not allow it to be a thing that he has received in vain.

“The conviction of the Holy Spirit in my life is part and parcel of my earliest memories in life. Since I was a young child the Holy One has come to me convicting me of the reality of God, the reality of sin and righteousness, the reality of heaven and hell, of life eternal for those that love and do the truth, and eternal damnation for those that refuse to receive and walk out the salvation provided for all in the name of Yeshua. Most importantly, by the time I was 14 years of age I was convicted that God really did love me and that His plan for my life was the only one worth pursuing, therefore at 14 years of age I made a public declaration of my allegiance to Yeshua, (Yeshua is the Hebrew form of Jesus’ — at fourteen I knew only the name of Jesus) the which I have never turned from”, says he.

Gregory A DeHart

When asked, why do you do what you do? His answer is,

“That’s easy enough, Yehovah’s word abides in me and I cannot keep it to myself, and besides that I’ve been aware since my youth that life is a one-way ticket, and that soon enough, I, as well as all men will stand before the Mighty One, and at that time we will all have to give an account of our lives, and I decided a long time ago that I want the best accounting possible on that day. And besides all of that, I am an American son. The Holy One birthed this land and He calls me as He does all other true American Believers to do whatever we can to awaken that knowledge in this generation and call this nation to repentance, so that perhaps there can be a lessening of the judgment of God upon us, and at least perhaps there can be a remnant of American citizens that will stand up and be accounted as belonging to the truth, and in bringing forth His truth pave a way for that great visitation of the Holy Spirit which the Scriptures refer to as the LATTER RAIN. It will be a Last Days movement filled with the wonders of God as He visits men by the Holy Spirit. It will be the last great outpouring of the Holy Spirit before the return of the Messiah, and the establishment of His worldwide government. And lastly, that I might play the man and flesh out in my life every aspect of His person, and in so doing encourage others to in every aspect of their lives flesh out the reality of Yeshua, and by our lives and efforts play our part in preparing a people ready for the coming again of Messiah who will at His coming punishes sinners, (Men who refuse to obey His commandments) raise up His servants to exceeding glory, and establish His reign over the entire earth from Jerusalem. Amen, that will be the day, and there won’t be any man, or government of men that will stop Him from coming, glorifying His saints, or vanishing all things that offend, nor the lawless men that propagate them. He will reign supreme and those that have embraced Him will reign with Him, and all who have opposed Him will be ground to powder!”


Some of you will be asking, “Who is this guy anyway?” Well, I am a nobody, but none the less imagine with me for a few moments. It is a dark very early summer morning about 4 o’clock, and I happen to be on a hill looking down at a sleeping village that is surrounded by a dense forest that has been set ablaze. A stiff wind is blowing the fire toward the village. Although I am a nobody, should I not warn the people of their peril?

Another town sleeps deep into the night. A partial moon offers dim light. From a hill I see a column of approaching enemy: tanks and infantry. Should I not warn the sleeping town who are my very family, neighbors, and friends?

Yet another time a robber holds up a convenience store. He kills the clerk, grabs the loot, and steals away thinking no one has witnessed the crime. I happened to had stepped in the back door as he shot the clerk and ran. I immediately recognized him as my friend and neighbor. Later he was apprehended, and though he is my friend and neighbor should I not testify to what I have heard and seen?

In like manner I am set as a watchman to warn you America. You America are the sleeping towns! You America are my friend and neighbor whom I testify against! You are guilty of murder, robbery, oppression, immorality, hypocrisy, lies, idolatry, and a variety of other sins. I tell you America, your sins have aroused the anger of the Almighty God, and although I am a nobody I am none the less compelled to warn you. It is not wise to anger Yehovah! (Pronounced YeHoVah)

You may say, “I don’t see Yehovah.” Does one see his own spirit? Yet without his spirit his body will die. Does one see air? Try to stop breathing and see what that accomplishes. Does one see an atom? Yet, from atoms they make the greatest bombs ever. Does one see gravity? Try stepping out an upper story window into thin air and maintain the idea that gravity does not exist.

No you don’t see Yehovah with the natural eye, yet only a fool will deny His existence. Repent from your innumerable sins America! Turn your heart toward Yehovah!

An American Watchman,

Gregory A DeHart

Consider: Ez. 33:1-33, Ac. 20:19-21, Ac. 20:26-31, Mic. 7:18, Pr. 14:1 Is. 58:1, Pr. 31:8-9 Is. 59:1-21