A Frank Discussion Concerning Murder and Abortion In America

A Frank Discussion Concerning Murder and Abortion In America

An Alaskan woman was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment after being convicted of placing her infant child in a plastic bag and leaving the child in a closet in her parent’s home in Grand Junction, Colorado. The child’s decomposing remains were not found until weeks later. Using this incident as an example the author speaks of the issues of ethics, justice, and judgment in America, and about Yehovah’s forgiveness.

A Frank Discussion Concerning Murder and Abortion In America

Hey America:

Let’s talk about ethics, about justice, about judgment to come, about how murder has become common place, and about Yehovah’s forgiveness.

mombabyHaving read this article’s introduction you understand that an Alaskan woman was found guilty of abandoning her infant in a closet in her parent’s home, causing the death of the infant. There the child’s dead body was found rotting some weeks afterward. A pretty gruesome thing to do, eh? Yeah, sounds like something out of a horror story, or maybe you might say it sounds like something straight out of the pit of hell! A mother, abandoning the infant that came forth from her own body, and that was meant by the creator to be nourished at her breasts and cradled in her arms. This mother placed her child in a closet where it was left to misery and death, and all of the time out of the hope of anyone’s detection who could possibly have acted to save its life. And to boot, before she had abandoned the child she wrapped it in a plastic bag to enclose the smell of the unavoidable decomposition that her dead child’s body would experience.

A story like this prompts a sane mind to ask a few questions. First of all, how it is that a mother could care so little about her child’s life? After that, this question comes to mind. How could she think she could ever get away with it, for sooner or later the remains of the child’s body would have to be found? It could not be hidden forever in her parent’s spare bedroom closet. Then this question comes to mind. Didn’t she think that there would be some sort of punishment for such an action?” Although these are all basic questions that arise in such a story I am not sure we can answer them here and now, and besides that, these questions are offered by this article’s author to cause us to focus on an evil much greater in scope than that of this particular woman against her child.

Ethics Yes, the woman’s actions constitute a cruel and unnatural act of murder. An action perpetrated by the every person that should be a young child’s greatest friend and ally in the world. Perpetrated by the very person who was the instrument used by the creator to conceive the life of this child, and then after carrying it’s developing person within her womb was enabled by Yehovah to deliver the child in the world. Should not this mother, above all people have pity, and a heart full of mercy toward the child of her womb? Yes, something in her heart was obviously very wrong, for it is from the heart that sin proceeds, which sin includes murder.

Roe vs. Wade

America, mothers from among your populace have now “legally” murdered well over 54,000,000 (54 million) of their children by the empowerment of the United States Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973. The act of this woman from Alaska is undoubtedly barbaric in nature, but at least she did not seek to change the law of the land to accomplish her murder. Why did the mothers of these aborted children have no heart? Why did the medical personnel who snuffed their lives out have no heart? Why has our Supreme Court not opened their heart to aide and protect these innocents that have been butchered by the millions? Why as the American Civil Liberties Union not fought for the right of these individuals to live, but rather they (the ACLU) have fought to promote the destruction of these innocents. It would appear that the ethics of this nation are far from pure, in fact they have every appearance of being barbaric. Much like the barbaric nature of Hitler’s Germany.

Justice The woman received a twenty year prison sentence. Some would say that this sentence is too lenient, other would say it is too harsh. What does the Bible say? Scripture answers this type of situation very clearly and in very simple terms, but admittedly we view our selves as far to “wise and humane” to execute the Biblically prescribed punishment for such sin. (Genesis 9:6KJV) Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made he man. Pretty straight forward words. Words whose meaning any honest heart can understand.

It would seem to me, as I think it would to any rational-honest thinker, that if on one hand we call murder as murder, (Such as was done in the case of the woman in this story) then we should call it murder on the other hand. Which is then to say that the murderous deaths of all these innocents whose lives have been snuffed out by abortion by rights out to be accounted for. Now, that is no small element of accounting. Judgment to come

choiceOur American fathers by the wisdom of their faith (By the way America, in case you have not figured it out, those without faith reason altogether differently than those that live by faith) realized that without law there can be no liberty. For the lack of restraint of law in the actions of one violates the right of the pursuance of life-liberty-and the desire of happiness (fulfillment) in another’s life. Therefore, from its beginning, the practice of this nation was meant to be that civil judgment be administered against all law breakers in a quick and expedient manner, so that the innocent among us could have a fair chance at a full life, not suffering by either oppression or death from another. It is very obvious to any thinking person that this judgment has in a very great degree departed from America. We have become a land where crime often has a very small price tag attached to it, and those that deserve punishment can be a very long time in receiving it.

![“Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society” George Washington ](http://www.anamericanwatchman.com/QgwWw/washington-1-236x300.jpg)“Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society” George Washington

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