America, You Need An Uncle Calvin

America, You Need An Uncle Calvin

A Parable

Hey America:

Let me tell you of something that happened a goodly number of years ago, I was a teenager at the time. I, along with some of my relatives went caribou hunting along the Denali Highway in Alaska. We had camped where you could look out across a very wide valley to see the headwaters of the Big Susitna River. Very beautiful country, my compliments to its creator. He did such a very good job! In fact, have you ever noticed that the best paintings are but copies of what the Creator has already painted in the landscape around us? I tell you, No one paints a picture like God Almighty.


I don't remember if we even bagged an animal. What I do remember is that Grandpa’s old school bus that had been converted into a motor home broke down, and we had to pull it home with Uncle Calvin’s pickup. We pulled it over 150 miles, a very long way. Uncle Calvin, my cousin Linda, my younger brother Randy, and I, spent numerous long hours in Uncle Calvin's pickup truck pulling Grandpa’s converted school bus behind us. It was ten to twenty miles per hour for many hours. In fact, it was decided we would drive through the night. I don’t exactly remember why we drove through the night, I guess because there was less traffic, but we did.


About four o’clock in the morning we saw something ahead of us on the side of the road, and I assure you, I do not believe any of us was much more than half alert at that time of the night. Someone suggested it was just a piece of visqueen, (plastic sheeting) but in the dark we could not tell what it was until we were almost upon it. Just before we ran over it Uncle Calvin jerked the pickup to the left. Now remember, Grandpa was directly behind us steering the motor home that was being pulled by us in the pickup. Oh boy! Did it ever give Grandpa a scare! Guess what was lying there? It was a man. Sure enough!

Uncle Calvin grabbed his 357 magnum and jumped out of the truck. I said to Uncle Calvin, “What do you need a gun for”? He replied to me, “How do we know there aren't others out there waiting to jump us?” The fellow was laying there about 1/3 the way across our lane fast asleep, and he never stirred until Uncle Calvin gave him a swift kick. Up he came in surprise! Apparently, either exhausted or drunk, or maybe both, he had laid down on the road to sleep completely unaware of the peril that would nearly overcome him, for again, we were only inches from running over his arm when he was laying sprawl out on the road. There was no foul play, which by the way was very good, because Uncle Calvin with his 357 magnum would not been a thing to mess with.

America, you are the man sprawled out on the road. You are exhausted, and intoxicated in the pursuit of your many sins.


  • 60 million children you have murdered via “legalized” abortion

  • Homosexuality given the protection and blessing of law, and beyond that, we even go so far as parading sodomy to be marriage

  • The mindless abomination of evolution taught to our children in public schools and universities as fact

  • 50 % of our people refusing to enter the covenant of marry (What is called cohabitation, which amounts to fornication)

  • 8 out of 10 of our youth fornicating before marriage, and the extreme rise in STDs because of this

  • 2 out of 10 young women experiencing date rape

  • 50% tax for many, while others live off the system

  • A whole generation of preachers where an extreme percentage are too fearful about losing popularity and their steady pay check to preach the truth

  • Women forsaking the call and duty to motherhood to pursue a career

  • Men abandoning the call and duty of manhood to pursue passions and pleasures

  • The high percentage of homes where no adult male is present, especially among blacks

  • 95% or more of our women participating in the abomination of cross dressing. IE, not dressing distinctly different then what a man would. Most basically this is seen in the wearing of pants, but not limited to that. (Deut. 22:5)

  • Civil law standing 100% contrary to Divine Order, in that the of the law of the land permits the women of society to cast a civil vote, thus usurping the place and the calling of her father if she is unmarried, of her husband if she is married, and all men in general terms. (1 Co. 11: 3-16) Thus, sowing measureless and endless confusion, division, and misery into our nation’s homes, and every other aspect of society

  • Pornography existing as a multi-billion-dollar industry, polluting the lives of many multiply millions of our people, and who cries out against it?

  • The entertainment industry becoming almost completely a cess-pool of smut, lewdness, and violence

  • Etc., etc., etc., for the list can on for quite some time. In fact, we are head of the class, the world’s leader in many social and moral vices.

In short, we are a very sick people in that we have thrown off the fear of God

The Almighty is represented by the pickup truck. In His righteous anger, He is barreling down the road toward you. America, you need an “Uncle Calvin” to jerk the wheel to the side and give you a stiff kick in the ribs to arouse you to the imminent danger that you are in, and persuade you to cry out to God and turn from your sins.

The Church’s Action To Awaken This nation To Its Sick And Life Threatening Condition Will Demand The Practice Of PP&R

But who is willing to do PP&R? Are You?

  • Preach—Defining what sin really is, pointing it out, and calling men to confession their sin, turn from it, and to embrace in truth the Everlasting Gospel
  • Prayer—The American Church in recent generations has failed, and continues to fail miserably in respect to prayer. If we are going to see the power of God in revival, we must learn to give ourselves to God in prayer
  • Repentance—We will never know renewal as individuals or as a people until we (Which includes Christians) turn from our abiding sins (Even though they may be socially or religiously acceptable) to learn to practice God’s laws

Oh, I know many of your leaders, religious, academic, and civil, tell you that everything is OK, for after all dear “Dear Uncle Sam” will find a way to save you. But did he save you from the Los Angeles riots, Hurricane Iniki, Hurricane Andrew, the Midwestern floods, the western fires of '94, the terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City, the destruction of the New York Twin Towers. (Which by the way, from all appearances was an “inside job”. For it is obvious that it was a professionally executed demolition job. I would say it appears to have been sponsored by elements of your own government) More recently, was “Uncle” able to save you from hurricane Katrina, or hurricane Sandy? Has “Uncle” been able to save you from the very many school shootings that you have seen in the last decade? Did “Uncle” save you from the recent Boston Marathon street side bombing? Or the zillion episodes of rampant crime that continue to happen on your streets, or the drug war, or the abortion (murder) of 60 million of your innocents, or extreme taxation, Whirlwind or the ever-increasing discontent and variance that exists within our populace, etc., etc., etc.?

America, what we are seeing at work is the law of compensation. We have “sown the wind, and now we shall weep the whirlwind”. We have killed the innocent pre-born, we have coddled the many violent on our streets, and we have embraced sodomy, giving it the distinction of marriage, plus a flood of other abominations. Now America, Yehovah will spill your blood to make up for the blood of the innocents you have spilled. You have loved your money and spent it on luxuries and pleasures instead of investing it in Yehovah’s purposes in the world. Now Yehovah will incite you to spend your money rebuilding that which He tears down. You have loved your self-will, versus humbling yourself to do His will and execute His judgment among your people. Now the Almighty will give you over to the natural summation of the many points of rebellion you have exercised, and allow you to be weighed down by the endless calamities that the practice of your vices will bring to you.

I tell you American people, Yehovah is well able to break this country financially. He can send us far more calamities than what money Uncle Sam can extract from the American people to dish out in federal aide.

American people, have you not caught on yet? Your leaders: religious, educational, and political have been tickling your ears for a very long time telling you one lie after another. Now I suggest you better begin to listen to reason. The word is repent and seek the salvation and law of Yeshua with a whole heart, for He, and He alone can heal your broken backslidden heart. He, and He alone can bring deliverance to the many of us who are bound in the shackles (vices) of sin. He, and He alone can bring healing to that one whose life is filled with bruises. He alone can fill an empty heart. He alone can shine light into the darkness of your life. He alone can reign in a runaway government. He alone can grant suppression, and beyond that, even overcome the liberal element among you that is bent on tearing this nation to pieces and completely demoralizing it into a 100% godless society.

Yeshua alone is your answer America. He alone, and no one else.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: (Yehovah) though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. (Isaiah 1:18 KJV)

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart

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