Can Female Presidential Candidates And True Religion (the Bible) Be Running Partners?

Can Female Presidential Candidates And True Religion (the Bible) Be Running Partners?

15Does the Bible have anything to say pertaining to the progression of women in politics to the point of vying for the Presidency of the United States? Is this new phenomenon based on the advancement of modern understanding, or simply the age old story of a wayward people whose sin progresses in its boldness? Join with me and we’ll endeavor to answer these questions.

Can Female Presidential Candidates And True Religion (the Bible) Be Running Partners?

A new Phenomenon is on the street in this 2008 Presidential election Campaign. The advent of a woman endeavoring to hold the highest, and second highest offices in American government. It is of little doubt that the long awaited advent of women running for these highest American public offices is a source of extreme exaltation and triumph to many, while others sit by watching with total indifference. 88 years after the ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave the adult female the right to an equal vote with her fellow male citizens, does there still exist a remnant of what are thought of by many as “prehistoric” thinkers that still hold that the Bible testifies that for a woman to rule over a man is sin?

It has been an obvious political strategy for both major political camps to embrace their female candidates for they both wish to capitalize on the female vote to aide them in their ambitions for the Presidency. It is also obvious, as it is in most presidential elections that the candidates put themselves forward as Christians, claiming a relationship with God through Christ. This of course ultimately God alone can judge, for neither I nor you own the spirit of any man or woman. However, I do believe the Mighty One calls all men to be “fruit inspectors”, and then upon discovering rotten fruit, to throw it out the window. Let us not forget that the Mighty One, according to His own time table, will gather all men before Him to be judged, and at that time the motivations of the hearts of all men will be laid bare to be judged. But, this I believe we can and must judge in the here and now, we can judge if the actions of the American people, and their Presidential candidates line up with the Scripture, and this we will do with the help of the Holy Spirit who was sent into the world to aide all who possess honest and searching hearts, who cry out to know and walk in the truth.

It is obvious that we cannot begin to in this article search out, even in the most basic sense the Scriptural precedence concerning the many actions of this campaign, therefore, let’s just focus on one.

16Is it sin for a woman to occupy the office of the Presidency? What does the Bible really teach? In order to answer this question, it is first necessary to answer a more basic question, namely: is it sin for a woman to have the right to vote? This question being asked on the premise that the casting of a civil vote is the operation of headship, as would be exercised in an elder-ship rule. For I do not believe that we can view a citizen’s right to vote as anything less than an operation of headship, (Headship being the balanced operation of the elements of responsibility and authority) or, the vote would merely be a public poll, and not a public vote. So, what does the Bible teach?

Let us now look at one encapsulating Scripture that was first coined by the Apostle Paul of the 1st century Christian Church. By encapsulating, I mean that this Biblical statement was meant by Paul to sum up, and give conclusion to the issue of headship. Rather than submitting to the people an expanded point by point thesis on why headship works as it does, the apostle merely summed it up with these words. (1 Corinthians 11:3) But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. This statement of core truth is drawn out like as you see below. In this illustration I have added the child’s position to give further clarification to the core truth.

17So, what can we learn from this statement and illustration? Note that God is singularly above all. He’s the Creator and Master of all things. Christ, who is the God-man, and in that nature being appointed Lord over all men is also singular, and in a submissive position to the Eternal Father, but is head over all affairs of men. Note the man is not singular, for the world is filled with men, therefore they are shown on a line with numerous circles. The man is subject to Christ. Created by God to be equal, the one to the other in approaching God. The man was created in the direct image of God as a mortal illustration of God Himself. The next level is that of the woman. She also is not singular, for the world is also filled with women. She was not created from the dust of the earth as was the man, but from the rib of the first man, Adam. She was designed to be the glory of the man, and bare the image of God through the man, and be both the great delight and the responsibility of the man in that she was taken from the man. She was created to be a mortal living illustration of the Bride of Christ. The Child position which is filled with numerous circles is to be subject to all the above forms of headship.

CaptureThis illustration speaks of the truth that our national fathers understood clearly, in that they, by in large, were a far more God fearing generation than what we are. Therefore, it was obvious to them that a woman could not, and in fact, must not have an element of authority equal to men in general…or in particular terms, if the woman was unmarried it meant that she was to be in submission to her father, or male guardian, and if she was married, she could not usurp her husband’s place. For to usurp the authority of her given headship was to smack of both folly and ungodliness.

I have given a brief explanation of the law of God pertaining to headship. I will now give a brief explanation of logic as to the reasoning behind that law, for even the laws of men do not express the reasoning behind them, they only state the demands of the law. Nothing that is created by another, or that comes forth from another can be equal or superior to that which it came forth from, or was created by. Therefore, in that Yehovah created man, man is for eternity to be subject to Him. In that the woman came forth from the man, she is forever by the design of the Master Creator to be subject to that which she came forth from. Which is the man. The child came forth from its mother and is subject to its mother as long as it remains a child. When the form of a child changes to adulthood, then the child leaves the covering of its mother.

Therefore, since it is ungodly and contrary to Yehovah’s law for a woman to usurp the place of men, and in particular her immediate male head, then it is sin for a woman to cast a civil vote. So then, since it is sin for a woman to exercise authority in the vote, then it is obviously sin for her to occupy an office of authority to govern men, such as the Presidency, or Vise Presidency of the United States, among many other offices. So to answer the question contained in the title: Can a Female Presidential Candidates and True Religion (The Bible) Be Running Partners? The answer is most certainly YES, at least what is typically referred to as religion can, however, TRUE RELIGION, that is obedient faith cannot. Religion, which has the look of godliness but without obedience, will open its doors to about anyone. It is as common in America today as the 5-dollar bill, it is everywhere. But I tell you that God Almighty will only receive those that come to him in humility and REPENT of the transgression of His laws. He will know intimacy only with those that repent of the transgression of His laws and by faith cover themselves in the atoning blood of Christ the Lord, and who then go on to obey Him in all things.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart

Consider: Gen. 3:16, Luke 2:51, 1 Tim. 2:8-15, Eph. 5:22-33, 1 Cor. 11:1-16, 1 Cor. 14: 34-35

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