Many of Our Forefathers Would Turn Over In Their Graves If They Could Know

Many of Our Forefathers Would Turn Over In Their Graves If They Could Know

Hey America, Mr. Obama, and the United States Supreme Court:

I went to work the other day and got to thinking about our country, what America has stood for in the past, about how we view ourselves, and how others around the world both have in the past, and currently view us. I am proud of the greater portion of our American heritage. For example, what nation in the history of the world with the exception of ancient Israel so boldly claimed to trust in Yehovah? That’s right Mr. Obama, like it or not, it cannot be denied, for it is written on our very money, In God We Trust. And be assured, it is not a god named Allah, for he is no God. Our trust has been in the God of heaven and earth, whose name is Yehovah. (Pronounced YeHoVah)

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD (Yehovah) is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. (Is. 4028 ESV)

However, at the same time I am also very deeply ashamed before Yehovah because of the very many vile things that we allow to be done in this land in this generation. Supreme Court Many of our national forefathers would turn over in their graves if they could know what goes on in this generation. Just in my lifetime alone we have declined so very dramatically in our morals and standards. I am not surprised when we consider the very faulty character of many of our nation's key leaders, especially that of our current president, and Supreme Court. I would not have as much against Mr. Obama, and a whole heap of other elected and appointed officials if he/they had not come to a place of influence and authority. By the way Mr. Obama, (and others) no one gets a position of either influence or authority accept that Yehovah allows it, but if and when one does, then that one needs to understand that he will one day (And that without fail) stand before the judgment seat of Messiah (You may want to think of it as the Supreme Court of God Almighty) to give an account of his actions. Do we not understand that Yeshua's return is shortly at hand, and that at that time He will rule the world from Jerusalem? For just as surely as He came into the world the first time as the LAMB OF GOD, He will soon return as the ruling king. Do we not know that He will at that time rule the world with a rod of iron? (Rev. 2:27) Do we not know He will waste every enemy, and that without mercy? (Luke 19:27)

I never voted for Mr. Obama. Just like I never voted for Bill Clinton when he ran for the presidency. I do believe I would rather be dead, for to support him is to support what he promotes. I have not, do not, nor will I ever (By the help of God) support the various issues he advocates. It angers and disgusts me when I think of the hypocrisy that is so prevalent in various levels of government all across this land in this era in American life! However, it is obvious that civil government alone holds no monopoly on hypocrisy, there is an exceeding amount in modern American religious life. There is no doubt that hypocrisy has become a popular American virtue. We make excuses for our sins in many ways!

One example of our national hypocrisy, and Mr. Obama’s, is that supposedly we give to all individuals the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet we murder approximately one-third of all persons conceived in America before they even have a chance to draw their first breath of air. Now if that is not hypocrisy, please tell me what is?

I hate abortion! It is sin before Yehovah. It is murder, and Yehovah will hold us accountable as individuals and as a people for this sin and others. Since abortion has been “legalized” in America we have slaughtered 60 million innocent children, and Mr. Obama and other simpletons want to disguise this murder as a woman's choice over her own body. Did Hitler slaughter that many people? Did Joseph Stalin? Did Mao Zedong, the famous Chinese communist buther? In fact, the 60 million children we have now murdered is about equal to the total deaths resulting from World War 2. Woe to you America, and to you Mr. Obama, you hypocrite! You swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, but then you go back to your office and seek to further the cause of the Woe To You slaughter of America's most defenseless citizens, the unborn, not to mention the various other perversions you support.

And woe to you American Supreme Court, for you do not do justice and equity, rather you pollute justice and equity, and have made yourselves accomplishes in the murders of 60 million innocents, among other perversion of truth and justice. Woe to you! Accept you repent you will certainly not receive a welcome in Yehovah's presence, for there is no place for murderers and those that corrupt justice in His presence. (Rev 22: 12-16)

I suppose you want us to think that you love Yehovah. Well, Mr. Obama, Supreme Court Justices, elected and appointed officials, and American citizens, let me tell you something... we show Yehovah we love Him by obeying His commandments. Read it! It's in your Bible. To you Mr. Obama, and to all the rest of our elected officials in every level of government, the time to repent and obey the Gospel of Yeshua, and His law is here. The sin that fills our land will only lead to further judgment on America from Yehovah.

John Witherspoon

We would all do well to take heed to the words of the late Dr. John Witherspoon, president of the college of New Jersey (Princeton)... who wrote: “He is the best friend of American liberty who is most sincere and active in promoting true and undefiled religion, and who sets himself with the greatest firmness against profanity and immorality of every kind. Whoever is an avowed enemy of God, I scruple not to call him an enemy of his country”.

America of recent days is like Israel of old. Yehovah had with a mighty hand, by the showing of 10 acts of extreme judgment against ancient Egypt delivered Israel from her captors and caused her to be free. He blessed her with His laws. (The Torah) He received her as a virgin woman unto Himself in order that He might play the husband to her, and show to her every blessing-support-honor, and enjoy intercourse with her. But Israel of old never could from her heart be completely faithful to her husband, (Yehovah) and in the end ignored the calls of the prophets and wise men which called her to return to her commitment to Yehovah. But Israel of old was unwilling to humble herself, rather she divorced herself from Yehovah, surrendering herself to other lovers, to humanistic pagan thought that aroused Yehovah's wrath. Eventually, Yehovah killed her people with death by means of war, starvation, and pestilence, and sent those that remained into the oppression of captivity. America, do you really think that Yehovah did not love Israel of old? Do you think it did not break His heart to have to turn her over to her own devises, unto her own destruction? Yes, He loved Israel of old, but Yehovah will not be mocked. In like manner, He has loved you America. He brought you forth as a sort of “first fruits” of modern nations devoted to Him through the gospel of the Lord Yeshua, and His everlasting law. (The Torah) It was He who was ever at work in your nation's fathers to bring forth “one nation under God”.

God Is Not Mocked

America, Dear America, do you not realize that Yehovah will also destroy you if you will not turn from your sins? Do you not know He will send you wars, famine, pestilence, tormentors, (terrorists of varied sorts) natural disasters, even more foolish and wicked civil leaders, pillow prophets that speak religiously based lies to you offering you false hope and security, etc., until you are destroyed as a people? Do you not realize that as the rain of heaven saturates the earth, even so Yehovah will saturate your soils with your own blood because you have hated His ways, and embraced the ways of death and rebellion?

Please America, please come to your senses and turn from your sins that perhaps there may be a lessening of the judgment due you from Yehovah. Do you think He will not send death upon you? Go take a look at ancient Sodom and Gomorrah whose ashen remains are found in the desert east of the Dead Sea. There is one example of what happens to people who stand in rebellion to Yehovah. Here is another! Go look at the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba and there you will find the corral crusted remains of Pharaoh’s army that actually was so arrogant and naive as to try to do battle with Yehovah. They're there, preserved as a testimony of any person or people that believe they are wiser, and or greater than Yehovah.

Perhaps you think I am lying, check it out for yourself!

It makes my blood boil when our officials say they care for us and then seek to pollute us with more and more ungodliness. Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a disgrace to any people. May Yehovah bless America with a spirit of deep conviction of our many and grievous sins, that we might repent and begin to do what is right.

An American Watchman
Gregory A DeHart


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Quotation taken from THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY, page 296

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