How To-s In Respect To Effective Prayer

How To-s In Respect To Effective Prayer

I am reminded from time to time of the reality of just how feeble, ignorant, and dull of understanding I really am. How’s that for an opening statement? Yeshua completely understood our feeble human condition and capacities when He said, “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. (John 15:5 KJV) The dealing of God in life day by day, year by year surely convinces me of this reality. Without Him I (We, for we’re all in the same boat) can do nothing of eternal significance without Him being smack dap in the middle of it. Sure, I can get up each day and do my thing, but if “my thing”, whatever that might be, is not wrought in Him, then I will have zero reward for it at His coming. So, how empty and unfulfilling, and even utter stupid is that? I want reward out of life, how about you?

I have now been a Christian for a full 45 years, and have loved and desired God, and endeavored to be His servant and friend, and a faithful son. None the less. It was only recently the meaning of a statement made by James, the brother of Messiah came to me, this statement is found in James 5:16 KJV, “…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” I stumbled for years at the meaning of the word effectual. You might say I had a “Duh Moment” for 40 years, and then one day the Holy One opened my mind. The word effectual simply means to be effective. Elder James in this statement is saying that the prayer of any man can be effective, and if it is effective, then it will avail much before God. (A Side Note: gender means nothing in this case, for there is no gender in the things of the Spirit. Yes, in things that pertain to the living out of natural man gender is a big deal, but in the things of the Spirit, gender, as well as age, nationality, status in life, etc., these have no bearing. Love, joy, peace, forgiveness, humility, faith, tolerance, patience….are any of these restricted to a certain gender, or race of people, or age of people, or status among people? NO, of course not) But the counter side of that statement is also true, and that is that the in-effective prayer of an un-righteousness man (Although he may be a Christian, or very religious) will avail very little before God. Praise Therefore, this reality begs of us to search out what can add to the effectiveness of our prayers, and what can take away from the effectiveness of our prayers.

Does not that statement make sense to you, it sure does to me?

I repeat the statement. This reality begs of us to search out what can add to the effectiveness of our prayers, and what can take away from the effectiveness of our prayers. I cannot speak for you, but as for me, I want, in fact, I extremely want my prayers to be effective. Else, why would I invest time, energy, life, and concern into praying? For if my prayers are ineffective then I am wasting time praying. In such a case I had just as well go find a good movie and watch it, as to waste time and energy offering prayers that accomplish nothing in the Lord.

Brothers and Sisters: I want my prayer to count. I mean, I really want my prayers to be heard and to get results in the Lord. AND, I want your prayers to count, and I want your prayers to bring forth results in the Lord. That is the reason why I have chosen to do my best to endeavor to communicate what I believe are Scriptural realities that promise effectiveness in prayer, or in-effectiveness in respect to our prayers.

Things that promote effectiveness in prayer:

  • Humble obedience before God

  • Innocency in respect to wrong doing (He was heard, in that he feared)

  • Simple faith

  • Proper treatment of a spouse

  • Proper treatment of a brother or sister in the faith

  • Coupled with fasting

  • Earnestness

Things that hinder effectualness in prayer:

  • Unconfessed and un-repented sin

  • Un-forgiveness

  • Self-centered prayer, or asking amiss

  • Not believing in prayer, and the lack of faith to give yourself to prayer

  • Not praying, which is to say not surrendering to the grace of God that draws men to pray

  • Not praying in Yeshua’s name, that is not praying as Yeshua would (Not praying His truth)

  • Lack of earnestness

  • Offences toward a spouse

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart

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