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A Question Of Law

A Question Of Law

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A QUESTION OF LAW is a 32 - 8x11 page theological statement concerning the New Covenant Believer’s relationship to the Torah. (Law of Moses) Defining the Law’s role with the Gospel, and revealing Scriptural evidence that the faith of the Christian does not now, nor has it ever, and as long as heaven and earth exists will never make Yehovah’s law void, for God is law. Therefore, to make His Law void is to make Him void, which thought is absurd.

A QUESTION OF LAW first offers a Scriptural definition as to what the Gospel is, and what sin is.


A QUESTION OF LAW gives definition to the reality that the Law is a “School Master”, in that it is used to point out to the sinner (Which is every person) what sin really is, and that all of us because of our sins are worthy of eternal damnation because we have been found guilty of violating Yehovah’s commandments, and that we are in need of a savior. Therefore, because God is absolutely holy, all men who do not possess the salvation of Yeshua abide in a condemned state, and if such people (Irrespective of how religious or non-religious they may seem to be) continue to refuse to turn from their lawlessness (Sin is lawless-ness) and embrace the faith of Yeshua in obedience, they will eventually be condemned to an eternity in the Lake of Fire, away from the presence of the Lord.


We discuss the mechanics of how the Holy Spirit uses the Law as a chief tool while instructing the Believer in terms of righteous living by means of obedience to the commandments of Yehovah, which is to say that the Holy Spirit is at work in a Believer to instruct and empower obedience to God’s law to bring forth the true and full representation of Yeshua in the life of every Believer.


The spirit of Anti-Messiah is discussed, showing it to be a very present and pervasive force in the world today, which includes almost every-thing that is called Christian.

May the Spirit of Truth guide you into all truth, as you seek Him? As it is written, “ Buy the truth and sell it not”. (Proverbs 23:23 KJV)