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Hey America, Listen Up!

Hey America, Listen Up!

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Hey America Listen Up In order to properly introduce this book, I must first say I believe in the absolute authority and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures, the Holy Bible. The Bible is the bottom line authority in respect to all of man’s life and conduct, and reveals the path of salvation to all who are of a true heart. This edition is not meant to be a book on theology but a book of wisdom, a collection of exhortations and reproofs written to America over the last twenty plus years in Yehovah's name. (Yehovah is the ancient name of the triune God, it is my understanding that it is most correctly pronounced Ye-Ho-Vah) I am certainly not a humorist, but you'll undoubtedly find some humor. I'm not known to be sarcastic, but you'll find some sarcasm. You will not find much of the message to be what may be thought of as light-hearted, although, I think you will find the illustrations imaginative, human, and very relative. I am not an entertainer, however, you will likely to a degree be entertained. It is not a work that many would define as politically correct or diplomatic. I will admit I'm far too straightforward to fit into the popular definition of those terms. Simply put, Hey America Listen Up is the compilation of expressions of a modern-day watchman whose spirit Yehovah has stirred up to speak reproofs and warnings to this society. And this, to end that people of honest heart might be humbled to courageously turn from every wicked way to follow with enlightenment and singleness of heart the way of the one and only true God who is revealed in the face of Yeshua, (Jesus) even as the greater portion of our nation’s founding fathers did. It is a book that predicts the sad and deadly days ahead that will surely fall, upon not only this nation, but every nation of the earth that refuses to turn from ungodliness to seek and serve the living God.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A. DeHart