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Pictures of God

Pictures of God

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PICTURES OF GOD is a revelation of Messiah and the Church as is illustrated in Torah based marriage. The book begins expressing how the Eternal One created natural things as illustrations (pictures) of spiritual truth and realities, it then proceeds to expose and discuss greater pictures. It goes on to focus on the lives of various Biblical patriarchs, expressing how that by Yehovah's design both the testimony of their persons, and the events of their lives reflected spiritual truths (And still do to this day) far beyond themselves.

PICTURES OF GOD then proceeds on to express numerous New Testament pictures that were used as “tools in the hands of the master builders” who were spoken of in the New Testament writings: Chiefly, Yeshua and the early Apostles.

PICTURES OF GOD continues building to its climax as it unfolds various general aspects of the great mystery of the relationship of Messiah to the Church as paralleling the relationship of the man and the woman to one another. (Particularly in marriage) The Apostle Paul expressed that this understanding can only be obtain by the Holy Spirit’s revelation, in that, to those whose understanding as not yet been opened this thought process remains a mystery. “This is a great mystery; but I speak concerning Christ and the Church.” (Ephesians 5:32 KJV)

PICTURES OF GOD concludes by offering crowning illustrations expressing how the man was created by Yeshua (Jesus) as a mortal living illustration of Himself, and the woman was created as a living mortal living illustration of that which is the “apple of God's eye”, IE, the Church. (The Church being comprised of individual Believer) The characteristics and responsibilities of both the man and the woman, (Husband and wife) as well as Messiah and the Church are discussed in some detail. It is a deeper revelation of the Biblical view of marriage.

PICTURES OF GOD is a reading that has a definite fun element to it, but at the same time will prove to be very enlightening and profitable to an honest and seeking heart.