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The Great Husband

The Great Husband

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Speaking of how the dynamics of the relationship between Messiah and the Church (or individual Believer) are meant of God to be reflected in the husband-wife relationship the Apostle Paul referred to this as a “great mystery”, (Ephesians 5:32) and that it is. Great in its depth, it wonders, its many layers, and like all of the mysteries of God the truth of it only comes to a heart as the Holy Spirit reveals it. As the Proverbs writer wrote, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out.” For those who lend their hearts to the sincere love of the truth unto obedience and persistent effort in searching out Yeshua’s treasures of wisdom and understanding there is a very notable vein of the revelation of God’s purpose for husbands and wives to be found in this subject matter.

In keeping with the nature of all true theology, the understanding of these truths will lead to very many practical applications that will add great blessing and depth to the life and marriage of those that give themselves to obedient application of them. In the study of how Messiah relates to Believers, and how Believers are called to respond in return to Yeshua lie numerous fundamental principles which are needed to be understood and applied in the Husband-Wife relationship. Do you O’ man want to know how to play the godly husband? Do you O’ woman wish to know how to play the godly wife? THE GREAT HUSBAND contains in its pages 31 distinct principles of how Yeshua relates to His own, and guidance as to how a Believer is to properly respond to Him. Thus, establishing patterns of attitude and behavior in regards to what our limitless wise creator meant from the beginning in respect to the roles of husband and wife, who are called by Him to mirror the relationship of Messiah to those who are in covenant with Him, and those that belong to Him, back to Himself.

In a world heaped full of both religious and secular philosophies and traditions of men that are largely infected with both humanistic and feministic agendas, which have done much to sow confusion and doubt into men and women’s hearts as to what it means to be a man or woman, the principles of godly manhood and womanhood contained in this writing will add glory, purpose, and concrete understanding to the lives of every person who will pay the price to learn and apply them in his or her life and marriage.