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Who Left The Door Open

Who Left The Door Open

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Number of pages: 395

It could be said this literary work is like unto the 95 point thesis that the great reformer Martin Luther posted on the cathedral door in his generation. Martin Luther’s thesis targeted corruptions of faith and conduct in the then, Catholic Church. WHO LEFT THE DOOR OPEN deals with over a hundred particular points, stating where we as the current American society by both common practice and civil law stand in violation of Yehovah’s law. (These same points are to varying degrees found throughout modern western societies, and 30 to 60 of these are found very commonly practiced in most everything that is called Christian in America today) To the point, individualized writings, separated by issue, backed by relative Scriptures, and 3 pages of enlightening illustrations. This book will no doubt prove the Holy Spirit’s aide as He endeavors to lead the truth seeker into becoming, and maintaining himself as a “Wall Builder”. One who invests himself to the task of rebuilding the former foundations of truth and order that were far more commonly practiced among Christian Patriarchs of old—building the edifice of his personal, family, church, and civil life upon obedience to the commandments of Yehovah.

A must read for that one that desires to throw off the confusion of this generation and arm himself with righteousness.