Brief Parables Concerning Life, Marriage, Manhood, Womanhood, Also Christ Relating To The Church

Brief Parables Concerning Life, Marriage, Manhood, Womanhood, Also Christ Relating To The Church

The author, by means of brief parables grants instruction as to how the art and craft of husbandry is a picture of marriage, and how marriage is designed of God to be a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Brief Parables Concerning Life, Marriage, Manhood, Womanhood, Also Christ Relating To The Church


A man comes of age, having been groomed by both natural instincts and the fellowship of aged and proven husbandmen, and having by desire sought and inter-meddled with wisdom considers the fields before him how he might obtain such to apply himself to the art, craft, and the lifelong intercourse that has been played out between the soil of the field and husbandmen for generations, even from soon after creation.

He observes the fields in their seasons. He notes the wonderful curves of the rolling hills. He sees the lush green of the grass as it blows in the wind, noting how this grass could be used beyond its beauty to feed the living creators passing its strength to them. He notes the areas where the soil appears most fertile producing the greenest, tallest, and richest foliage and realizes that when put under the plow this same soil will after being sown with the seed of his choice produce an abundant crop. For it receives the warmth of the sun, the dew of the rain, and having richness within itself will with time, under the skill of his care, produce 30, 60 and 100 fold from the husbandman’s seed. A wise husbandman loves the field (fields) he has chosen for himself. For they represent the very calling and purpose of this life before his own Master. They are surely the very chief of all his possessions, offering to him exceeding potential of reward. As the husbandman possesses the fields, even so he is possessed by his own Owner/Master.


heavenlyHe notes how very many of the fields of men’s hearts have been wrongly affected by the forces of the world around them. Whose soil is dried up, (Lacking the life flow of the presence of the Lord which is granted to all who live in faith, praise, and thanksgiving) or whose soil the wind has blown away, leaving only rocks. (Stones of bitterness, anger, resentments, jealousies, strivings, and every sort of malice) Other places possessing ponds which are filled with mud can boast of cat tails and swamp grass, but are worthless to produce the crop that the husbandman desires to produce. (These are soils rich in the pleasures and promotions of this age but not rich in producing the fruits of Christ’s kingdom)



Many fields are owned and possessed by other husbandmen who have laid claim to them at a time prior. These fields the young husbandman realizes he has no right to, and although a glance may signal to him that there is amusement and beauty in them, yet he dismisses them quickly for they are only a tease. He knows that they can never be his for they belong to another, and he would never consider to attempt to steal what is his neighbor’s.



The husbandman looks around at the children of men and notes that there is a very wide spectrum of thought and behavior among fellow husbandmen. Some being convinced that they have right to only one field, while others realizing that the husbandman-ship of more than one field can grant opportunity for the magnified blessing and fruit which the varied fields can produce-of course, pending on the seed sown into them, and the skillful care of the husbandman. Still other husbandman being lazy and ignorant, by neglect and wickedness sow wretched seed and grow despised fruits; many there are like this. Many other husbandman do not even possess the field they have intercourse with. Having no commitment to these fields, they sow into them a mixture of both good and evil seed, then these husbandman abandon them leaving them, caring not for the field, or the potential fruit that the field can produce. Leaving the field victim to every force of nature and every sort of thorn and weed. However some husbandmen possessing both heart and understanding, by means of patience and deep devotion of heart sow into the field (fields) of their possession the highest quality seed, and tenderly and diligently cultivate and nurture the soil of the fields. Crops are produced from these fields, each according to the seed sown, fruits delightful to the eye, and nourishing to the health; the most beautiful, rich, and enduring fruits.


viginsYou, virgin daughters of the land are the fields which the husbandmen considers for ownership. A husbandman having dealt wisely and uprightly before both God and men will make a bid to purchase you unto himself. Having paid the price to release you from any claim that any other might have on you so that both into your heart, and into your body he might sow seed. To the end that he might have a crop of the fruits of godly marriage, wise and pleasant. A husbandman with tenderness and constant devotion does not fail to continually seek to rid his field/fields of weeds, and the thorns that threaten to choke the true fruits that are meant by the Almighty to grow from the soil of their lives. Yes, understanding the calling and wisdom of the Mighty One he purchases and brings to himself, and under the care of his hands more than one field, in spite of the fact that other husbandman persecute and mock him for this, saying that he has no right to possess more than one field. Yet, he has not neglected any field, but sought continually for the perfection of appearance and fruitfulness of each his fields in its own time.


You, virgin daughters, since you are the fields, will you unto Yehovah’s glory surrender the soil of both your heart and body to bring forth the best and richest fruit unto the husbandman to whom you belong? Will you seek to allow the warmth of the sun (All those living characteristics of the Son of God that come to you through your husband) to germinate the seed sown into you? Will you take the winds that blow.


Which Picture Will You Allow To Be The Representation Of Your Life?

over you and allow them to only caress the plantings that grow forth from yourself, or will you allow the winds of adversity to by unbelief and rebellion destroy the pleasant crop that is meant to come forth from your life? Will you allow the winds of adversity to blow away the richness of your soil so that only rocks remain which can never receive the seed sown from the husbandman and germinate, and thus bring forth fruit? Will you allow the rains of this life to erode away the richest soil and deposit it into a mud-hole where only frogs and cat-tails can live, but cannot be plowed and brought under any useful purpose by either your heavenly or nature husband? Will your life be represented in a good and pleasant picture, or a discouraging, unpleasant picture?


Christ our Lord, who is God the Almighty wrapped in human flesh, is the husbandman of His own. For He is both the husband and father of all spirits made perfect. No man can be the husband of the spirit of any woman. A husband can only possess, cultivate, and cherish the soul and body of a wife. The Mighty One in His wisdom having purposed that humanity be expressed in the male and female persons allows and promotes that the very wisdom and purpose that He desires accomplished in the realm of the spirit will have its equal, its representation in the natural…thus He created in natural man the art, craft, and desire that the husbandman and the field are a part of. Will we play our parts wisely? Will we unto God’s glory fulfill the testimony that wise and godly husbands and wives are called to fulfill? Or will we be shown to be ignorant and rebellious in relationship to the proper testimony that our lives are called to bring forth in this present natural life?

Each man and woman must consider very carefully. For this is the calling that the Lord has called the married man and woman to flesh out.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A. DeHart

Consider: Is. 54:5, Jer. 3:19-20, Jer. 31:31-34, Eze, 16: -63, Ro. 7:1-4, 1Co. 6:16-18, 2 Co. 11:2, Eph. 5:21-33, Is. 64:8, Mat. 6:9, Mat. 7:11, Ro. 8:15, 1Pe. 1:17, Heb. 12:9,

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