American Government in Its Most Singular and Basic form-The Sovereignty of the Individual Man

American Government in Its Most Singular and Basic form-The Sovereignty of the Individual Man

The Author offers an exhortation and teaching as to the true nature of the most basic form of government found in America, and among men everywhere–the individual man. Explaining how by Yehovah’s design manhood is meant to be the foundation of all ruler-ship in the earth.

American Government in Its Most Singular and Basic form-The Sovereignty of the Individual Man

smilemanIn the Biblical book of 2 Samuel a statement is recorded of what were the last words of the Patriarch and King of Israel, David, and I quote, “The spirit of the Lord (Yehovah) spake by me, and his word was in my tongue, The God of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after the rain.” There is no indication in the text given as to what point in David’s life the Spirit of God had spoken these words to him, but my guess is that it was fairly early in his life and in his career as a leader of men. The reason I believe this, is that he very obviously made the practice of justice and ruling in the fear of God the hallmark of his life and reign as both a man, and as a king. Yes, there were a couple obvious exceptions, such as the incident concerning Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah her husband, but the Scripture repeatedly confirms that the great general norm of the life and reign of David was very pleasing to Yehovah. A life of integrity, of justice, and of the fear of God.

This is why, to this very day Yehovah has caused David’s name to be honored throughout the world as an example of those that fear Him and do what is just and right. I say to you that there have been many who in respect to their own persons and situations have lived lives filled with integrity, justice, and the fear of God, yet have experienced little acclaim. However please know this, each man at the appearing of Yeshua and the renewal of His kingdom on earth will undoubtedly receive very honor due him, for Yehovah is no respecter of persons. He will see to it that in due time each is honored according to the actions of their lives.

So To You O man I Say

Life will test you to see what manner of government your life puts forth, for the most basic element of government is the individual man. All other forms of government are built on this. The individual man must rule himself firstly, then He can take on the responsibility of a wife, and with a wife children, and beyond that there are other aspects of government, such as business leadership, church leadership, and community and state and national leadership. Do not allow yourself to be duped in the simplistic silliness that the actions and character of your life do not have great importance. For the actions of every man’s life have extremely great importance. Firstly, for your own soul’s sake, then for the sake of those closest to you, then to each person whom your sphere of influence will touch during the course of your life.

Some would say Sovereignty should firstly be defined by the word Freedom…..But I say no, that cannot be. It must firstly be defined with the word Responsibility.

So the statement of King David Of Old remains, posing this question. Will you conduct your life (Which is a man’s most basic and first opportunity to govern) in the fear of God, in integrity, and in justice? Do you seek God? Do you honestly care what He commands? Will you put yourself out to learn His ways, and then pay the price to do them? For I say to you plainly, there will always be a price to be paid to learn, and then do Yehovah’s commandments in the world. Especially in this generation, for we have become a nation filled with placidity, and people possessing itching ears, even among our church goers. A generation that is soft and wants to be pampered. Our generation does not show itself to be a generation where men are willing to “play the man”, and go all the way to please the Lord and walk in truth and integrity. We have shown ourselves in many ways to be a generation that wants to “eat the good of the land”, but who resists being willing and obedient.

The Scripture testifies that Yehovah looks to and fro though the earth searching for those whose hearts are perfect toward Him. In other words, He is looking for hearts that want Him, that want His ways, and that when confronted with the truth will lay down whatever confusion or sin that they have practiced in the past to do what the writer of the book of Proverbs described as, “buy the truth and sell it not…”

prayer hands

So the question is posed, what kind of man are you? Do you love justice and the fear of God? Or do you bend with every “wind” of ideology and practice of men that comes along? Will you stand for truth when it is unpopular and demands that you stand alone, or will you be un-willing to pay the price to stand alone?

If you play the man and love the truth, then I promise you by the very word of God that He will make your life like the rising sun that warms the earth and gives light and life to it. Further, I promise you that the Lord will use the light and warmth of the testimony of your life to cause the tender shoots of faith in other people to spring forth even in the midst of the confusion and sin of this modern generation. Your life will become food and sustenance for souls that truly seek to inherit Christ’s eternal kingdom. Amen! So go forth and shine as the sun, so that not only in your own life, but also in the lives of others the sprouts of righteousness will spring forth with the beauty and the lushness of the green grass that springs forth from the fertile soil when it is watered. Amen!

An American Watchman,
Gregory A. DeHart

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