The Sabbath-Beyond a Day of Rest for Men Is Designed By Yehovah to Reflect Heavenly Realities

The Sabbath-Beyond a Day of Rest for Men Is Designed By Yehovah to Reflect Heavenly Realities

The author focuses on the reasoning behind the commandments of Yehovah (Ye-Ho-Vah is the eternal name of God used in the original language of the Scripture nearly 7,000 times) that forbids the violation of the Sabbath, showing how the practice of the Sabbath is by Yehovah’s great wisdom to reflect heavenly realities, and thus any violation of these laws serves as a perversion of the proper testimony that a godly faithful life is to bring forth, and is therefore hated by Yehovah. Using the illustration that the real importance of the command of an everyday stop sign is far more than just to stop, but rather it is that the motorist having stopped, carefully considers the traffic, and thus judges how to proceed without damage. In like manner, the faithful obedience to Yehovah's laws, or the violation of them has far greater ramifications then the immediate effect on the people involved.

Hey America:

When one pulls up to a stop sign what is it that is being communicated to that person? Undoubtedly the obvious communication is that the person must stop. But why? Nothing is said on the sign as to why the person must stop. This is taken as a thing that is supposed to be understood by the driver or he should not be driving. The reason for the command is for the driver to stop in order that he can look both ways and thus respond to the traffic that may or may not be present on the road that day. Thus, the commandment only has value because it allows for the more important reasoning behind it, which is to slow down sufficiently (stop) to consider the traffic on the road way and act accordingly.

Yehovah's laws pertaining to the keeping of the Sabbath are like this. The greatest importance of them is in the reasoning behind them, this reasoning goes far beyond the immediate need for men to rest. Yes, undoubtedly there is great importance in the immediate sphere of men's lives for Yehovah's laws pertaining to the Sabbath to be fulfilled, for this allows for stable and happy lives for all involved. But again, the greatest importance to the keeping of the Sabbath are the heavenly truths represented in and by the Sabbath. One day in seven dedicated to fulfilling Yehovah’s law by celebrating the Sabbath has not only an earthly need for fulfillment, meaning the obedience of this law is needed to properly direct the affairs of man on the earth for his immediate good and protection, but also obedience to this law brings forth a true and accurate representation of heavenly and eternal realities. The following is an explanation of the heavenly realities that are illustrated by the keeping of the Sabbath, thus offering an explanation concerning why man’s neglect of the Sabbath is such a great offence to God, for to violate Yehovah's laws pertaining to keeping the Sabbath is to directly slander some of the heavenly realities that the faithful Christian is meant to picture in his life.

The Sabbath:

The Sabbath, whether through confusion or rebellion is neglected by most in this generation in America. The Sabbath law was designed by Yehovah to cause the seventh day to represent heavenly and eternal realities. The keeping of the Sabbath is a “banner” that is to be “waved” every seventh day. The doing of this testifies of three great heavenly realities:

  • That Yehovah is the creator of all things, which obviously includes mankind, and since He is the creator of men, then He is henceforth the master of all men, and nations.
  • That Yehovah is the redeemer of men. That is, in His name alone salvation can be preached, which name is Yeshua (Yeshua is the Hebrew name for the personality many English speaking people refer to as Jesus)
  • That according to both Biblical, and ancient Jewish understanding, a thousand years with Yehovah can be illustrated as a day, and that man has now experienced his allotted 6 days (6 thousand years) to be self-governed, and live under the weight of his own sinfulness, Scripture

    and that the 7th day (The seventh one thousand year period of man’s history) is shortly about to open up where Yeshua the Son of God will call the righteous dead from the grave, bring judgment upon the wicked, begin His reign from Jerusalem, and in doing so usher in a 1,000 year period of peace and rest to mankind.

Therefore, to neglect the Sabbath is to give the testimony that you do not believe that God is the creator of mankind, nor the redeemer of men, nor that Yeshua will soon in bodily form return to rescue His own unto Himself, and establish His one-thousand-year reign from Jerusalem. Neglect or rebellion toward the practice of the Sabbath is therefore a lie, and constitutes a slanderous testimony concerning our God who is our creator, our redeemer, and our soon coming king, and who will at that time usher in a time of peace and blessing beyond our imaginations.

I fully know that there are many sincere Christians who are (As I once was) ignorant of the points of reasoning that lie behind Yehovah's demand to keep the Sabbath. They apparently suppose, as I once did, that Messiah's work on the cross somehow did away with the need to obey this commandment, supposing that Messiah had become our rest. (For this is what was taught to me by my Church eldership) I agree that Messiah is the rest of the spirit of all Believers, but the keeping of the Sabbath has to do with more than our spirit. It has to do with the actions of our whole person, and how those actions accurately reflect, or inaccurately reflect, (Therefore slander) the heavenly reality that Yehovah is our creator, our redeemer, and our soon coming king.

So, what we find in modern America is that the humanistic thought patterns that have sprung forth from man's wisdom (Versus obedience to Yehovah's laws) have created a society that has little regard for the Sabbath. Our national fathers, although mistakenly using Sunday as the Sabbath (A practice that I did myself for many years until the Holy Spirit instructed me more perfectly) were very careful to set aside a day for rest and worship. (Sunday) How much more should we rightly now observe His holy day since the revelation of the truth of the Sabbath is being preached? The fact that less and less, we as Americans honor the Sabbath, (Even as it was with our fathers and grandfathers, who treated Sunday as the Sabbath) is a token of how we do not seek to honor the One who birthed this nation, and who alone holds the ability to prosper and defend it. It is a manifest token that we are not conscious of the reality that Yehovah created us as individuals, and that we each personally owe allegiance to Him to obey Him in all things. It is a token that we think we are doing well on our own and do not need a redeemer, and that the eventuality of our standing before Him on the judgment day is not upfront on our minds.

The neglect, or violation of the Sabbath day misrepresents God and His purposes, and is in direct violation to Yehovah's laws.


The word America, is repent! Turn to God from the wisdom of men. Flush the worthless and confused preachers and educators that teach for doctrine the wisdom of men. (Man’s misguided intelligence that refuses to acknowledge Yehovah and His laws) I understand the general confusion resident in so much of what is called Christian in this nation today, but if you with patience and humility repeatedly admonish your church leaders in reference to obeying the Sabbath and they are unwilling to humble themselves and obey the truth, then you must separate yourself from them, lest you learn to be in different to sin, and thus retain guilt before God For sin is the transgression of God’s law. He made men as the highest of all his creation to live in the honor of knowing Him and His ways, thus by their lifestyle reflecting His truth in the world. He did not create men to wallow in the mire of compromise, and the immorality that springs forth from the supposed wisdom of men, however religious and pious that wisdom may come across. For reality is: If man’s wisdom or traditions do not add up to the performance of the commandments of God then they stand at enmity with God. For the wisdom of men without the fear of God is at best foolishness.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart


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