What Blindness, Or Point Of Rebellion Causes So Many To Not Obey Yehovah’s Command To Keep The Sabbath Holy?

What Blindness, Or Point Of Rebellion Causes So Many To Not Obey Yehovah’s Command To Keep The Sabbath Holy?

Hey America, American Christian Ministers, and Christian Believers:

What Blindness, Or Point Of Rebellion Causes So Many To Not Obey Yehovah’s Command To Keep The Sabbath Holy?

An Exhortation and Warning

I have a twelve year old son, he’s a joy to my heart and an exceeding treasure to me. However, I do not have respect for various aspects of his ways, for they are childish and irresponsible. However, we keep training him and praying for him, and disciplining him, and we have hope that he’ll yet grow to be a man of God. American Christianity, you are in many ways like my twelve year old son, you act toward the Almighty in ways that are childish, irresponsible, and smack of outright self-will and rebellion. seventhdayOne expression of our childish and rebellious behavior before Yehovah is the refusal to put away the confusion of the errant tradition of our national and religious fathers who taught us to more or less treat Sunday as if it were the Sabbath, thus violating the fourth commandment.

Sad to say, it is little wonder to me why we are losing this nation, for the neglect and disobedience to Yehovah’s command to keep the Sabbath is only one of many commandments that we commonly stand in violation of. The reasoning is very simple, “our salt has lost its saltiness”…..by enlarge our Christianity is not “salty”…..We are a generation that is not turned on to obeying the Almighty. We are a generation turned on to playing Churchianity. We are a generation turned on to the practicing of our own religious and secular traditions, but very neglectful in respect to the obedience of Yehovah’s commandments. Again, our common neglect and rebellion in reference to the Sabbath is only one example among very many of our failure to obey God’s laws.

Tell me this, can you find a commandment more often repeated in all the Scripture than the command to keep the Sabbath holy? Yet it appears to me that at least 95% of all who call themselves Christians do not keep the Sabbath. Why is this so?

Now I want you to understand something right off the bat, and that is that I have been through the years very much a “Church Boy”….I was saved at 14 years of age, baptized in the Holy Spirit at 17 years of age, and the practice of what I’ll refer to as Church Life was my life for numerous years, but then I began to see that “Church Life” and Biblical Christianity are very often not the same thing. Perhaps the reality of what I desire you to see can be expressed in this manner. I was begotten in the Spirit by the very word of God, thus I was born from above, I was born again. I was drawn by the Holy Spirit to the Church, the Holy One sowed His word into and through the Church, and that word, Praise Yehovah, by the power and mercy of our God begat a new spiritual life in me. I was born from above. I became a whole new creature in the Messiah Yeshua, and how I praise Him for that. So, God is my father, and in a very real sense the Church has been my mother. For especially in those early days of my salvation it was at the Church’s breast I suckled, (Meaning I drank repeatedly from the milk of God’s word by means of the Church) and the Church gave me much fellowship, and the understanding of the rudiments of our common faith.

However, as the years passed I began to recognize the numerous ways in which the Church was not then, and still is not today obedient to the will of the One who is her husband, namely Yeshua. I began to see that the Church is in many ways a very unfaithful and disobedient wife to the Lord in that we as Christians are very often are self-willed and disobedient, choosing to play out our own form of Christianity rather than play out the true Biblical based faith that is commanded. One very basic form of this unfaithfulness is the neglect and disobedience to the Seventh Say Sabbath. It is by in large true that our national civil fathers, and our national church fathers possessed an ignorance in their faith in respect to the Sabbath, it was this ignorance that allowed for the habit of substituting the practice of keeping the Sabbath holy for “Sunday Keeping”, which practice has continued up until the present time as a wide spread point of confusion, but it was not so at the birth of the New Testament Church, nor is such a practice upheld in the Scripture.

Listen to me Ministers of God, we need to grow up to the fact that Yehovah will not grant His blessing to our religious traditions comandmentno matter how pious they are in our own eyes. He is at work in the world calling men to Himself, and calling His own out of, and away from every aspect of false religious thought and practice. In other words as the Apostle John aptly put it, (Revelation 18:4) we need to get out of Babylon, and get Babylon out of us. Babylon is any practice of life that does not spring forth from the Scripture, and it matters not how “religious” or “pious” it may be. Yehovah counts as disobedience any practice of life that does not spring forth from a direct commandment of God, or the wisdom of the Scripture, and the idea or practice of replacing the Seventh Day Sabbath with more or less treating Sunday as the Sabbath is not found in the Scripture. Sunday Keeping is a point of confusion and disobedience that undermines the careful obedience to the law and wisdom of Yehovah. Have you not been told, do you not understand that the Sabbath is a gate way to an exceeding volume of Biblical truth, particularly the celebration of the Festivals of Yehovah, (Leviticus chapter 23) and all the prophetic fulfillment that is contained in them, and the realization that the Torah has never been made null and void. (Romans 3:31) Any person who neglects or refuses to obey Sabbath law, from that person much insight and direction will be withheld in his life and ministry, for revelation comes to the obedient. (John 14:21-23) You ministers that hold to the confusion that the fourth commandment has been made void and propagates it to others, you will be held responsible for the confusion you sow, and the lie you tell! I will say it again, you will be held responsible for lying to the people of God, so I suggest you do as I did, in other words, give up being a false teacher and search out, and both do and teach the truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

A Question:

If so many of us can so easily entertain this most basic lie, how many other forms of confusion and out right error to you suppose we practice in our ignorance and confusion? I believe that question bears repeating. If we can so easily, and across the board entertain this most basic lie, then how many other forms of confusion and ignorance (Blind spots) exist in our lives and ministries? I would suggest there are likely numerous, and that the Holy One is demanding of His own to turn from every practice of men, (No matter how religious and pious they many seem) to the obedience of His commandments. Remember, only obedience to His commandments will bring forth His blessing. He does not care about men’s traditions, in fact He hates very tradition of men that stands contrary to His commandments. They are meaningless to Him. He cares about His laws, and His promises are based on His laws.

How Did Sunday Keeping Get Started?

7thIn short, “Christianity” became the Roman state religion by order of the Roman Emperor Constantine who sought to bring together factions of his empire. He at that point outlawed upon penalty of death the keeping of the Sabbath, the reading of the Torah, the Festivals of Yehovah, and the right of circumcision. The result was the birth of the Catholic Church, and the introduction of its many and varied confusions which the faithful have been working to dig out from under until this very day. Constantine was a sun-god worshipper, and therefore demanded that the day of the sun, “Sunday” become the day for rest and worship. The explanation of how Sunday Keeping started is little more, if any more complicated than that.

Fellow Christian Ministers and Believers:

It is high time we recognize and submit ourselves to the wisdom of Jeremiah the prophet who by the Holy Spirit was able to look way beyond his own life and times, and in doing so he foresaw a time when the Gentile’s hearts would be opened to realize the many ways in which their worship of Yehovah exists in error. O Lord (Yehovah) my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity and things where in there is no profit. (Sunday keeping is a lie, and a point of vanity) wiked**Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods? Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is the Lord.** (Yehovah) (Jeremiah 16: 19-21) I say to you brothers, this day this Scripture is being fulfilled throughout the earth. Many Gentiles who are turning to the faith of Yeshua are having their eyes opened to perceive that numerous and various religious traditions that we have inherited from our forefathers are not Biblically based, and that Yehovah demands of us to turn from these in order to walk with Him in obedience. I also was a “Sunday Keeper” for many years, but by the conviction of the Holy One I turned from that confusion, as I have turned from numerous other religious points of confusion. I stonebeg of you to do the same. Follow God with a whole heart. Honor Him in all your ways. Make obedience to His commands your chief treasure in Yeshua our Messiah.

The People Of Faith Who Had Escaped From Egypt Heard The Voice Of The Almighty Speak To Them From Out Of The Air, Saying Among Other Things:

Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord (Yehovah) thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor the stranger that is within thy gates: for in six days the Lord (Yehovah_) made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord (_Yehovah) blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it. (Exodus 20:8-11KJV)

tabletchiselYet very many in this generation in their confusion consider the fourth commandment to be annulled, I guess we figure that the Almighty has chiseled it into non-existence, but I suggest to you that it has been wicked and confused men who seek to pollute, and deny the Fourth Commandment.

The Seventh Day Sabbath, and the Meaning It Brings To Christianity

The Seventh Day Sabbath is the first of the Festivals of the Yehovah (Leviticus 23) designed as a continuing rehearsal of heavenly truths. It occurs weekly, in fact, every seventh, or last day of the week. Part of its purpose is to insure men have rest, however, although that obviously has importance, I would say that that is the least important aspect of the celebration of the weekly Sabbath, for any day of the week can serve to rest the body and soul of man. I, (As most Christians still are) was more or less a “Sunday Keeper” for many years not understanding the Sabbath, being instructed by my religious mentors that the Sabbath had become void. But bit by bit, piece by piece the Holy Spirit opened this man’s spiritual eyes to recognize Yehovah’s command to obey the Sabbath, and the reasoning behind the commandment.

The Sabbath stands as an illustration of three huge-eternal-truths, and the celebrating of the weekly Sabbath is in effect, the waving of a banner that testifies (To those that have eyes to see) of these truths. When a person’s eyes have been opened, he typically will be very thankful to the wise and gracious God for allowing him the opportunity to by the obedience of his life proclaim these HUGE and ETERNAL truths, for to do so is the privilege of the Believer.

  • Yehovah created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Hence, right from the very beginning He sanctified (Set it apart) the seventh day to be used as a day of rest, and of thesabbaththe worship of Himself. Hence, the truth that Yehovah is the creator of all things is the first illustration, and the obvious conclusion of that reality is that He is therefore the master of all things. Every seventh day when you set apart and celebrate the Sabbath in alignment with Yehovah’s word, you are waving a banner that says Yehovah is the creator of all things, and henceforth the Master of all things. (Exodus 31:12-18)
  • The people of faith (The Jews of old) were generations ago held in Egypt and made to slave under continual bitter bondage, but were by the merciful and powerful hand of Yehovah delivered from that bondage and brought into liberty. In like manner the Sabbath figures the salvation of the Believer. We, who were before held in spiritual Egypt under the bondage of sin, have been powerfully and mercifully delivered into the liberty of the children of God. The celebration of the Sabbath is the waving of the banner that proclaims that whereas once I was in bondage, now I have been made free. Once I had no rest from sin, but now I have rest in my spirit through the power of the gospel of Yeshua. (Deuteronomy 5:12-15) Yeshua is my Redeemer!
  • A day with Yehovah is as a thousand years. Yehovah created the world in six days, and on the seventh He rested from His labor. In like manner it has been appointed that men labor under the weight of our own doings for six days, (Six thousand years) and that on the seventh day (The seventh thousand years) the Messiah will establish His reign on the earth, thus bringing rest. Henceforth, the weekly celebration of the Sabbath pre-figures the return of Yeshua to earth, and the establishment of His earthly kingdom which will last for a thousand years, and which will immeasurably lift the station of every man on the earth. (2 Peter 3:8)

The celebration of what so many refer to as the Lord’s Day is a point of confusion. I maintain that the term “the Lord’s Day”, as is found in Revelation chapter one was originally meant to be in reference to the Sabbath, (Isaiah 58:13) and that the acceptance of this term being used to negate the celebration of the Sabbath is nothing short of a Satanic ploy to divert Believers from the truths contained in the obedience to the Sabbath. I believe that any doctrine suggesting that Yehovah’s commandment to obey the Sabbath has been made void, that such teaching is nothing short of a doctrine of the devil. (Romans 3:31 & 1 Timothy 4:1)

In closing, I challenge you to consider your ways. Consider this commandment of Yehovah. Consider taking a step of faith and in your life and begin to keep the Sabbath. I have to admit that at first my faith was small, weak, and with certain questions in reference to Sabbath keeping, but as I stepped out and began to obey I became more and more convinced by the conviction of the Scriptures as to the validity of obedience to the Sabbath laws, and believe you will be too.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart

Consider: Gen. 2:1-3, Gen. 26:5, Ex. 16:27-30, Ex. 20: 8-11, Ex. 31: 13-17, Duet. 5:5-15, Lev. 23:2-4, Lev. 26:1-46, Num. 15:32-36, Is. 58:13-14, Is. 66:22-24, Mat. 5:17, Mat. 12:8, Mat. 12:11, Mk. 2:27, Mk. 3:4, 1 Co. 16:1-2, Col. 1:16-17, Rev. 1:10

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