Hope, Joy, and Peace As You Pursue Life's Treasures, Your Final Goal Being Eternal Life

Hope, Joy, and Peace As You Pursue Life's Treasures, Your Final Goal Being Eternal Life

How much joy and satisfaction is there to board a train that goes nowhere? Or how about taking a seat in a modern jet that stays parked on the tarmac? Not much joy at all, that would be my answer, and I believe that would be the answer for almost any one. We want to board a train or a plane that is going somewhere. We want to taste, touch, see, smell, and hear. We want to see, do, experience. Why is that so? Because there is joy and satisfaction in doing, in experiencing, and in overcoming and becoming. Yehovah, the eternal God made us this way, for He is the God of doing, experiencing, overcoming and showing Himself as all we need Him to be, and did He not make us after His very own image? I suggest to you that life is meant by the Lord to be a continuing feast of hope, joy, and peace (Even though you may be in the midst of tribulation) as you pursue the dreams and desires of your heart unto His honor, each and every day of your life.

If life is meant to be a continuing feast of hope, joy, and peace, then why do we so often feel empty, frustrated, beat down, and miserable?

Wisdom From The Inspiration Of God Himself

Romans 1:13 KJV reads: Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

My friend there is tremendous wisdom and counsel to be found in this short Bible verse. Let’s take a look at it and see what gems we can mine from it and other Scriptures. First of all, I encourage you to remember that it was the Lord Yeshua that created all things, which of course includes us. Therefore, is it not reasonable to conclude that He would hold the secrets (Points of understanding that need to be revealed) as to how one can most successfully live life to its absolute fullest? And if we are the chief object of His love and attention as the Bible undoubtedly testifies, then would it not be reasonable to believe that He has a purpose and a plan for every life that He has created? In other words, that He is truly interested in seeing our lives developed to their fullest capacity unto His glory as we do His will on the earth.

Hope, joy, peace, life’s treasures, eternal life, empty, beat down, frustrated, miserable, faith, led of Holy Spirit, creation, God’s loveTherefore, a great key to hope, joy and peace is believing. We must accept the seed of faith that He has planted in every heart and not despise it, and therefore cast it away. God, who is a spirit and infinitely above the earth and everything on it, and every affair of it, as chosen to reveal Himself to those who seek Him by faith. Oh yes, I realize in this modern “advanced” intellectual society where science (so called) holds out the idea that because God cannot be seen in a telescope, or in microscope, or reached out and touched by the human hand, or heard with the human ear, that therefore He is not real and does not exist. But remember, many of these are the same “highly intelligent people” who tells us that millions and billions of years ago there was a rock that exploded, and eventually though zillions of chance mutations it became mankind. My friend, I find it far easier to believe that we were created by a wise and loving God, then the idea that a rock somehow came to life and eventually turned into man. And my belief is especially supported by the fact that He has sent His Spirit into the world to touch our hearts, and support us along life’s journey.

The Holy Spirit’s Involvement

A relationship with God by the spirit is of vital importance if you want to experience a full spectrum of hope, joy, and peace. The Apostle Paul noted that all the “mechanics” that were to be at work to bring godhope, joy and peace were enabled by the Holy Spirit. Friend, I say amen to this. No matter what your pursuance in life, it matters not how noble, or how needed and important to yourself and to others, if the Holy Spirit is not there in your life leading and encouraging you onward, you will not, and can never know complete hope, joy, and peace. God never made any soul of man to live unto Himself alone. We were created to live unto Him, and in so doing experience deep satisfaction, joy, peace, and other godly and rewarding characteristics. My Conclusion to this is to surrender to God. Give Him the reigns of your life, and live every day as His steward, accomplishing His will, and in so doing you will find that your life is lived to its very fullest potential. For He is both wiser and far more powerful than you and I, and His plans for our lives are better than our own.

Believing Brings Forth Joy and Peace, Which Births HOPE

What a marvelous word, that word hope. Why is it so marvelous? Because sometimes it is all one has to hold on to. Personally, I have not found life to be a “bed of roses”, or a “red carpet” rolled out in front of me, and likewise, life has likely not revealed itself to you in easy or luxurious tones. The realities of life are often very hard and harsh, so much so that it can simple crush the very life and pleasure right out of us if it were not for the Holy Spirit ministering faith into our hearts. From that faith springs joy and peace. The joy and peace of the Holy Spirit can be absolutely beyond human expression. It quite literally is something from out of this world. It is uncanny how one can experience very great and abiding joy and peace while being right in the midst of the hellish factors of this life. My friend, believing God’s promises ministers HOPE into the very soul of man. A hope that is immeasurably valuable and sweet. A hope that can bring a grin to your face, energy, and a perseverance of action to you that is beyond human power. And all of this while possessing the sweetness of godly and Christian virtues.

Remember, God Loves You

Do not forget friend that God loves you. He that that did not spare His very Son from heaven, but offered Him (Yeshua our Lord) up as a payment for our sins. If He would do that, would it not makes sense that along with Christ, the Eternal Father would offer us all things? Yes, that thought does make sense, and yes, the Father does offers us all things in Christ as we firmly embrace Yeshua. Therefore, although we may be in the very midst of tribulations He will allow us to taste of many supreme pleasures and satisfactions, and this while on our way to the ultimate peace and satisfaction that we who love and obey Him will find in His presence at the conclusion of this life.

I have joyed in a multitude of sun sets and sunrises, where the brilliance of their colors dazzled me. The freshness of the air after the rain. The wonder and majesty of silver dollar sized snowflakes falling without number all around me. The majesty, splendor, and awe of the great mountain ranges. I’ve seen and joyed in the pleasure of what seemed like endless miles of open prairie, of skies filled with puffy clouds, and other times huge and threatening clouds. I’ve felt the sun on my face, the wind on my face. I’ve laid down ten thousand times to relax and fall into sweet sleep.

despairI’ve look upon and possessed a gracious and attractive woman. I’ve enjoyed the tenderness and warmth of her love and her body. I have held and played with small children, and seen the wonder of life in their eyes and laughter. I’ve labored with my hands and been a part of creating many structures for men to use, and known the deep satisfaction of the accomplishment of labor. I’ve known what it is to have money in one’s pocket and thus able to be generous. I’ve known the joy of giving to the poor, of supporting and encouraging the needy. I’ve had moments of the praise and adoration of men. Yes, I have been blessed of God in and though the mixture of the torments of life to have known great joys and pleasures. I have learned also to joy in tribulation, for it is a tool used by God to produce faith in men, and faith brings hope and perseverance. Yet friend, all of life’s joys pale in comparison to the single great hope that is yet to be realized in our lives as Christians. That is the hope of abiding in the presence of God for eternity.

No thought of accomplishment, or the possession of anything or anyone, will ever even be close to the desire of his man’s heart to experience this single thing. It is the ultimate of goals, the ultimate of hopes, and the ultimate of dreams. It also, like every positive and healthy element of this natural life is a gift from our Creator. It can never be obtained from wages earned, it can only be obtained as a gift from both the hand and heart of the Eternal God though our Lord Yeshua, our Messiah. Amen

Brothers and sisters: Let us incline our hearts to believe God!

An American Watchman,

Gregory A DeHart