What Do You Do When Life Is Cruel and Unfair, When Injustice, Rejection, Or Misfortune Seem To Become Your Next Of Kin?

What Do You Do When Life Is Cruel and Unfair, When Injustice, Rejection, Or Misfortune Seem To Become Your Next Of Kin?

Has life been cruel and unfair to you? Has injustice visited your life, or its uncomfortable, and despised companion named rejection? Have either of these negative fellows ever visited your life? How about still another negative culprit called misfortune, that sly fellow who seems to be able to find a million different ways to show his ugly face in the issues of our lives, has he ever visited you? Perhaps many times, perhaps they are visiting you right now, and perhaps their visitation has left you hurting very badly.

graveHas someone walked out of your life leaving it torn and brutalized, or perhaps so lonely that you could cry? Or perhaps you do cry, and maybe even numerous times a day. Maybe you’ve experienced a divorce that was the very last thing in your heart and mind that you wanted to experience. Maybe that same divorce separated you from the children you’ve loved? Perhaps the “grim reaper” (death) has visited your life and family, and one dear and important to you has been taken from you? Gone to a place where you can no longer hear that person’s voice, or see the person’s face and form. Leaving behind an emptiness, and a loneliness that before this had time been unimaginable to you. Maybe you’re unemployed. A victim of the current trend of downsizing. Maybe you’re a victim of another’s cruel plot to discredit you, and for that reason you’ve lost your job. Maybe the cruelty of disease has touched your life, and perhaps it has brought you very low. You, who were once healthy and able, are perhaps now unhealthy and unable, or perhaps you are one of those who have never really been healthy, and your mind askes the question: “Why has sickness been the plague of my life?” Maybe you are a Christian living in an environment that is hostile to you, where you are to one degree or another persecuted because of your commitment to your faith. Or maybe this modern western society that is filled with ungodliness is a constant vexation to your soul, in that it is always there tempting you to surrender to its enticements. Or maybe you are a Christian living in a country where extremist communists, or extremist Muslims are altogether willing to make life unbearable for you. Maybe you’re just simply bone weary, tired of the 50% tax rates you have to year after year labor under, or maybe thieves with other faces other than the government have visited your life, stealing what you have labored long and hard for.

Undoubtedly there are cruelties, points of injustice, and misfortunes that abound in life, and these touch every one of us. Who is exempt from their bitter and sometimes very prolonged visitations? I don’t think anyone is. I sure know I have not been, and I imagine that you can honestly say your life has not been.

So What Can One Do In The Face Of The Negatives Of Life?

I believe I could wisely suggest numerous points of understanding, but what is on my heart is to point you to what I believe is the most basic and profound of all points of encouragement and understanding. And that is to look up. Yes, look up into the face of the one and only truly innocent and pure human person, who Himself suffered every manner of cruelty, injustice, and misfortune against Himself while He was on the earth. Look to Yeshua, (Yeshua is the original Hebrew name given to the One whom most English speaking people call Jesus) and as a part of that, look to the promises that He has given to those that know Him and are faithful to Him. (Hebrews 12:2-3)

readingWhat Has Been My Long Practice In The Face Of Life’s Negatives?

I endeavor to bring to mind Scriptures that remind me that One far more pure and noble than myself suffered terribly while in this life, and yet without sin. And, that in due time He was lifted by the Holy Father into a place of eternal prominence, peace, and bliss. I do this knowing that He has offered the very same rewards to me, and to all others who will seek Him and be found in Him at His coming. He who created the world came into it and it did not recognize Him, can you imagine that? He came to His own people and they rejected Him. He spent all of His earthly life in an environment of men that was continually vexing to Him, in that it was evil and He was pure, never did Christ feel at home. Never. He was always out of place, and who understood Him? A few a little bit, but the vast majority extremely little. Then, at the last of His life He was betrayed by one of His own, and handed over to His accusers who arranged a mock trial where he was condemned to brutal treatment and death. After having been paraded through the streets as a criminal He was stripped naked and nailed to a tree, where He became the substitutional payment for the sins of all men, for all times. At that time He was even rejected of the Eternal Father who could not look upon Him in that the sins of all mankind were upon Him. He was filthy before the Father. He hung there until He died.

When Negatives of Every Sort Come Calling Let Us Bring Yeshua to Mind

Honestly and seriously bringing to mind aspects of the cruelty, injustice, and the general misfortune and difficulty that Christ suffered as He walked out obedience to the Father always helps me bring my problems into perspective. Then along with Him I consider the lives of others that have suffered, and then my problems are always brought down to a more manageable size where I can deal with them better.

The Second Most Basic Thing I Do Is I Remember He Is With Me, and That He Promised Never To Leave Me.

2birdsThat’s right, I am not alone. The Holy Spirit has never left me to cope with life on my own. No, He has not promised us that He will take all our problems away, but He has promised the Believer that He will be with us in our problems. And He is faithful. He will guide, He will comfort, He will instruct. He will be to the Believe whatever the Believe needs Him to be, if the Believer will remain faithful.

The Third Most Basic Thing to Do Is To Call To Mind the Promises of God Related To Eternal Life

heavenSimply bring to mind the reality that life is short and no matter what amount of misery one may endure it can only last so long, and by the promise and power of God misery and death will bring forth life, honor, exaltation, eternal bliss, and freedom. The Scriptural promises pertaining to these are way to many to express, but let me say this: …Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. (2 Corinthians 2:9 KJV)

Yes, I believe there are a multitude of lesser points of wisdom that can be exercised to cope with the negatives of life, but I am persuaded that there are no greater points of understanding that can be useful to lift the soul of man then these three that I have submitted to you.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart

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