April Fools America, The Joke’s On You!

April Fools America, The Joke’s On You!

Hey America, and American Academic, Religious, and Political Leaders:

Its April fool’s month once again. How many of you have at one time or another played an April fools prank on someone? Mind you, I'm not big on practical jokes, unless they are well calculated to be harmless so that all involved can laugh when the deed is done. I do not respect jokes to another’s harm or embarrassment. Years ago, I was traveling in Israel on April fool’s day. After a day spent in Tel Aviv we returned to our hotel, parked our cars, and went up to our seventh-floor rooms. After a few minutes, I went into Ken’s room, he was the driver of the other car, and I told him he had locked his car leaving the lights on, so obviously, he went down to turn them off. Admittedly, when he returned he was a bit miffed. “April fools”, I said. He didn't think it was funny, although the rest of us sure did. I still do. Some years ago, my wife Lianne had a neighbor remove the steering wheel from my work van. She, having fed me breakfast sent me off to work and watched, and laughed as I hoped up into the rig, and to my absolute surprise I did not have a steering wheel. As I went back into the house she said. “I thought you were going to work, April fools”! She laughed and laughed. That was a good one Lianne! You did good!

Through an act of providence my birthday happens to be on April fool’s day, and though the years I have known a number of people who thought that entirely fitting for me. Typically, because I would tell them things that they really didn't want to hear, exposing modern “enlightenment and wisdom” for the ignorance and stupidity that it is. America: You have thought that evolutionism, feminism, socialism, liberalism, and cockeyed situational ethics are acceptable. You have thought an entertainment industry filled with sex, violence, lewd and disrespectful behavior is okay. You have thought confused and cowardly civil and religious leaders are acceptable. You have thought that the murder of children is acceptable. You have thought that the perversion of homosexuality is acceptable. You have thought it wise and godly to pretend that in respect to headship men and women are equal. Well, “April fools”! The joke’s on you. Do we not understand that in a few short decades we have gone from the wisest, happiest, most noble, wealthiest, most secure people on earth, to what is probably the most lewd, violent, confused, murderous, disillusioned, in debt, divorce-ridden people on earth? A people willing to accept and live with obvious lies, among which are: the doctrine of evolution that has our ancestors crawling out of a “prehistoric” slime pit. And how about the story that the Twin Towers (And the 40 story third tower that also collapsed that day) were destroyed by Muslim terrorists, when every physical fact states that it was a highly-controlled demolition job. You know, the kind that they have been using for decades to take down high rise buildings.

As low and degrading as those lies are, this article is meant to focus on a lie that our great grandparents bought into back in 1920, and has been passed on ever since, and the repercussions of it have been shown to be huge and very ugly. I will now cast some seeds of understanding into the great field of modern American thought, which in recent years has become tremendously polluted with devilish doctrines. May the Spirit of the Almighty One give these seeds root in the minds of honest men.

It is called Divine Order. Some choose the term Vertical Alignment, I prefer the term Divine Order. The order of headship that establishes that Yehovah is head of Messiah, who is the head of man, who is the head of woman. The only wise God set all His creation in order. Without order, you have confusion: resulting in chaos, leading to injury, hurt, pain, and death. Godly men throughout the ages have always noted this, and aligned themselves with Yehovah’s order to reap the benefits of order, versus the corruption, and destruction of disorder.


God the Father is over all creation; He is ultimate in headship. God the Son, who shares our humanness, in that approximately 2,000 years ago He allowed Himself to be born into this world by the very seed of God, has been appointed lord over all creation.

Side Note for Clarification
The Holy Spirit impregnated a virgin woman who brought forth a son, who grew to manhood and in time, according to the will of God gave up His life as the payment for the sins of all men. This was the Almighty’s method of supplying a perfect person to act as the sacrificial payment for the sins of all men. You see, God is, unlike man, absolutely holy, and He cannot look upon, or accept sin in His presence. Therefore, all men were without hope before Him, in that we have all been born into sin, and have practiced sin, thus the ultimate sentence for our un-holiness was/is eternal separation from the presence of God in the Lake of Fire. BUT God in His love for fallen man instituted a plan where He would Himself provide an acceptable payment for the sins of all men. That payment was the life of His one and only natural born son, whose name is Yeshua

He is prince of the kingdoms of this world. From the beginning, Yehovah placed the man next in authority, and I should add next in responsibility. (Responsibility and authority must always go hand in hand, you cannot, or must not have one without the other, they are like right and left hand, they must always be found in balance together. If you have headship, where responsibility is present without the balance of authority, you have leadership whose hands are tied, and nothing can be accomplished. If you have headship where there is authority without the balance of responsibility, you will have oppression (tyranny) of one sort or another. I am sad to say that the neglect, and/or confusion of the practice of Divine Order has produced a generation of men in America that is woe-fully confused, and therefore crippled in respect to headship. Therefore, we find that very many men are nearly, if not totally deficient when it comes to playing out godly manhood. Therefore, if one asks the question, “Do we have a problem with feminism in America? Or stated another way, “Do we have a woman problem in America? The answer is very definitely, YES. The mindset, and therefore the practices of womanhood is by in large, a long way from the truth in most women in America today. However, the only reason we have a woman problem in America is because we first have a much deeper man problem in America. Manhood, by in large is across the board very defunct in modern America. If we fix the man, in doing so we will fix the woman problem, and every other problem you have in modern society. The deepest underlying problem in modern America are its men. America, has a man problem.)

Next in respect to Divine Order is the woman. She is subject to God the Father, God the Son, man in general terms, and in particular terms her husband, or her father if she is a virgin woman having not yet been given to a husband. Next is the child. After that is the creation which includes all matter, animal life, plant life, everything. Yehovah’s order is just and right. When exercised with proper motives it will bring forth life and peace. The greater always serves the need of the lesser to his/her good. The lesser always serves the purpose of the greater. All of this works to accomplish Yehovah’s purposes, unto His praise.

I could use many verses in Scripture to establish these points of doctrine, however I choose to express one point of understanding to validate what I say. The creator of anything is always greater than that which he created, and that which came forth from another is always lesser than that which it came forth from, at least while it remains in its original form. The man Yeshua, who is Messiah, having been begotten of God is therefore subject to God. Man, being created by God, is subject to the God the Father, and God the Son. The woman being created from the man, is therefore subject to the man. The child comes forth from the woman, and is therefore subject to the woman. The child being in subjection continues so as long as he remains a child, until such time as he is considered a man he is subject to his mother, and should at all times be obedient to her. The creation is at all times subject to Yehovah, and mankind, for Yehovah was the designer and builder of all creation, and He, in the very beginning placed man as governor of it. Messiah having triumphed over the authorities of darkness made a show of them openly, leaving them the subject of all believing people.

Squash The Patriarchy
I know this is the spirit of the age, but I tell you by the word of Yehovah, that it is devilish. It is impure, improper, and contrary to truth. Liberalism, which is ungodly, stands in support of both the mindset and practices of feminism and socialism which are strongly against patriarchy, in that male rule is a picture of God. For the Scripture always, without fail expresses headship in male terms.

American educators, religious leaders, political leaders, you have not led the people in agreement with this basic wisdom. In our confusion and rebellion before God’s law we have passed law after law corrupting Divine Order and promoting the supposed equality of the sexes. But I say to you, in respect to headship, which is comprised of the right hand of authority, and the left hand of responsibility, the sexes are not equal, and will never be, for God our creator did not make it so. You have brought forth extreme confusion which has resulted in great corruption, hurt, and death among our people. There are many examples of this, but I will mention only three. Our modern divorce rate, our modern “co-habitation” rate, also the practice of abortion *(Our willingness to “legalize” the murder of our unborn)* very directly proceeds from the ignorance of, and rebellion to this truth. Shame upon us all who have treated Yehovah’s wisdom lightly, and thus proposed our own.

There is also a discernible line of headship related to civil government. We can speak of it another day.

America: Understanding and discipline, although difficult for the moment, will bring forth fruits of righteousness and peace. Understanding and discipline are to be regarded as friends, not enemies. Open your hearts and accept the truth. Yeshua came not to steal life from you. He came to give life, and that in abundance, but His life cannot be realized if we in rebellion deny His word.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A. DeHart

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