Fornication-Beyond the Destructive Affect It Has on Men’s Lives Misrepresents Heavenly Realities

Fornication-Beyond the Destructive Affect It Has on Men’s Lives Misrepresents Heavenly Realities

The author’s attention is on the reasoning behind the commandments of God that forbid the practice of fornication, showing how that Yehovah’s commandments flow from His person and reflect heavenly realities, and thus any violation of these laws serves as a perversion of the proper testimony that a faithful life is to bring forth, and is therefore hated by Yehovah. Using the illustration that the greatest significance to the command of a stop sign is far more than just to stop, but rather it is that the motorist having stopped, carefully considers the traffic, and thus judges how to proceed without damage. Like the stop sign, the posting of Yehovah’s laws have hidden understanding behind them. Establishing not only a need for obedience in regards to the immediate affairs of men, but also through obedience to ensure that the life of the person testifies correctly of the heavenly realities that Yehovah created it to be an illustration of.

stopFornication-Beyond the Destructive Affect It Has on Men’s Lives Misrepresents Heavenly Realities

What does a stop sign communicate to a driver? Obviously it is to stop, but what is the reason behind the command to stop? The sign is the posting of the command to stop, but nothing is said on it that communicates why there is a need to stop. This is supposed to be understood by the driver, or the person should not be driving. The reason for the stop sign is so that the driver will stop, and having stopped, look both ways and thus respond to the traffic that may or may not be present on the road that day. So we find that the actual command of the stop sign only has value because it allows for the more important thought process behind it, which is to slow down sufficiently (stop) to consider the traffic on the road way and act accordingly.

Yehovah’s laws pertaining to fornication are like the stop sign. Contrary to the thought process that works in the lawless and unbelieving minds of men that suggests that “religious taboos” have only been established by simple minded cowards to deny men pleasures, a careful look shows that Yehovah’s’ laws have great importance behind them, and this reasoning goes beyond the immediate sphere of men’s lives. Firstly, there is no doubt that there is extreme importance in the immediate sphere of men’s lives for God’s laws pertaining to marriage to be fulfilled, for this allows for stable and happy lives for all involved. However, Yehovah’s laws related to fornication (marriage, or sexual purity) do not only have an earthly need for fulfillment, meaning that they are not only needed to properly direct the affairs of man on the earth for his immediate good and protection, but they also represent heavenly and eternal realities at the same time. The following is an explanation of the heavenly realities that are reflected by the practice of fornication, therein, defining the reason for Yehovah’s most extreme motivation for the hatred of fornication. For to violate Yehovah’s laws pertaining to fornication is to directly slander the heavenly realities that the faithful marriage was created by Him to illustrate.


sefornFornication is similar to that of adultery. It is most commonly when a man and woman participate in the act of marriage without entering into the covenant of marriage. This, not only has sincere negative effects in the lives of the fornicators, but in that the man and woman were created to be living mortal representations of God and the Church, their act of sin brings forth the wrong testimony of heavenly realities. The man was made to be an illustration of God Himself, the woman was made be an illustration of the Church. The man and the woman must relate to one another in respect to this, so that every affair of their lives brings forth a proper testimony of the realities that they were created to represent. When a man and woman fornicate their actions are testifying (Again, in that they were created as representations of both the Lord and the Believer) that God and a soul of man will enjoy the intimacy of marriage without first entering a covenant relationship. In other words, that an unconverted soul who has not experienced the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, who is not born again, can share intimacy with the Lord. This is an impossibility! Such action is a lie against the truth! The Holy Spirit will not enter and abide with any soul of man and share communion with that person until that soul has been brought under the blood of Christ, has experienced regeneration. The Holy One will not dwell in an unholy place. So the heavenly illustration that fornication brings forth is that of God being married to (Sharing intimacy with) a soul of man who is not His, and the woman’s part illustrates a soul of man sharing intimacy with God without entering a covenant relationship with Him, in other words, without being born again. These pictures are impossible and are altogether slanderous to the truth.

no sexThe humanistic thought processes that have been working in America have filled this nation with fornication. It has become about as common as bread on the grocery shelf. Television is filled with the expression of it. It is referred to as casual sex, free love, teen sex, and the right of the individual to use their body as they might want to, but the bottom line is that any act of marriage outside the marriage covenant is by Yehovah’s definition: fornication. This fact reflects that our generation is exceedingly sinful toward God. It is that simple, it is no more complicated than that. Yes, we might boast that we are Christians, but Yeshua (Yeshua is the Hebrew form of Jesus) said, “A tree will be known by its fruits”. So if we boast the name of Jesus we ought to flee this sin, and not to practice it. For if we live according to the way of the world, we will perish with the world, for the world and its ways, and its god, (Satan) will be destroyed.

So I say to you reading this article, respond to the Holy Spirit’s conviction, and save your life by fulfilling this Scripture. (2 Corinthians 6:17-18 KJV) Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

Fornication misrepresents God and His purposes, and is in direct violation to Yehovah’s laws.

An American Watchman,

Gregory A DeHart

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