What Makes a Man?

What Makes a Man?

The Most Endangered Species On Planet Earth

Hey America:

In 1973, former President Richard Nixon signed into law the ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT which was designed to protect critically imperiled species from extinction as a "consequence of economic growth and development un-tempered by adequate concern and conservation”. A global committee of taxonomists — (scientists responsible for species exploration and classification) —announced its list of the top 10 new species discovered in 2012:

If you can pronounce these then you’re doing better than me!

  • Lilliputian Violet (tiny, tiny little flower that lives in Peru)

  • Lucihormetica luckae (a glow-in-the-dark cockroach that lives in Ecuador)

  • Lesula Monkey (a monkey with a blue-colored behind, and human-like eyes - residence of the Lomami Basin of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

  • Chondrocladia lyra (the carnivorous “harp sponge” – it lives 3,000 to 5,000 feet deep in the ocean off the coast of California) Sibon Noalamina Snake (it eats snails and lives in Panama)

  • Ochroconis Anomala (a strain of fungus that lives in France)

  • Paedophryne amanuensis (the world’s smallest frog - it lives in Papua, New Guinea)

  • Eugenia petrikensis (a type of ever green shrub that leaves several places around the world)

  • Semachrysa Jade (a butterfly that lives in Malaysia)

  • Juracimbrophlebia ginkgofolia (a hanging fly that lives in China)

Now the truth is, this boy very much right now possesses, and has all of his life had a heart to protect the environment, both plant and animal life. For I boast that as a Christian my Father created, and therefore owns everything upon the earth, so why would I, or any reasonable person treat any of Yehovah’s creation with anything less than respect? No, I do not believe my thinking is warped so that I am off on a tangent that wishes to lock everything up so that it cannot be touched or used, for Yehovah gave all things into man’s hands to use and enjoy….but with reason, respect, and with a responsible plan for its preservation. (Genesis chapters 1 & 2) I love the creation. The creation thrills me, it has all my life. Yeshua shows His absolute genius and power in the creation, and it will forever stand as a testimony against wicked men who deny the existence of the Almighty. The creation itself testifies that such men are fools (Romans chapter 1) For the creation did not just “happen” into existence as the humanist would suggest, that mentality is absolutely empty headed, and is no more than a fool’s ill-logical reasoning for not wishing to submit to God. And, I do agree that nations ought to work together to protect and defend all the creators of the world, and that in truth, the need for the formulation and recognition of AN ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST is altogether valid.

However, I disagree with the global committee of taxonomists as to what is the most endangered species on Planet Earth. I believe the most endangered specie in the earth is that of the GODLY MAN. Yes, you heard me right. Praise It is the most needed, the most severely abused, and the specie which particularly in modern western societies that has been under direct attack by the elements of feminism and socialism for the last 100 years. So extreme and affective have the spirits of feminism (That spirit (mindset) that battles against the concept and application of Biblically based Divine Order in respect to the man-woman relationship. (IE, God-Messiah-Man-Woman-Child order of headship) This spirit has sought to confuse, pollute, deny, abuse, mock and general tear down Biblically based manhood) and socialism (That spirit (mindset) that battles against the God ordained sovereignty of the individual man in respect to reality of headship expressed in these words: God is the head of Man, who is the head of the Constitution, which is in headship over all Government, which is in headship over all Case and Statue Law) been, that a very great element of modern American males find themselves miles from that form of manhood that is exemplified by the life of Yeshua. Which is a Spirit led and empowered life based in the Torah, and the Everlasting Gospel, (Rev. 12:17, Rev. 14:15, Rev. 22:14) That form of man who is more than just male, but who is spiritually wired to reflect the image of Yeshua. Family Of course Yeshua has been the only absolutely—100% pure specimen of godly manhood, but He has charged us to make disciples in the earth, and in so doing it is our privilege and responsible, and the need of every family, Church, community, and every nation to bring forth godly men. For without godly men it is an absolute impossibility to possess and maintain the true blessings of Yehovah our God. For Yehovah’s first and most basic method on the earth is the man, and of course that man’s chief joy and aide in life is woman.

In an attempt to create an “equal”, but opposite rendition of the Biblical treatise on godly womanhood which is fabulous, timeless, and absolutely wise, (Prov. 31:10-31---which by the way was written by a woman) this author submits to you, for your consideration his rendition of Biblical manhood painted out in words


A Man of God Gives Definition to Manhood

What makes a man?

What is being a man all about? When Yehovah created the sexes did He not have a set of attributes in mind for both sexes? All items created by man have their own designed purpose, how much more do we who are Yehovah’s ultimate creation? In writing this, I do not mean in any way to indicate that I have arrived at the full stature of manhood, for I do not perceive myself that way. In fact, I believe only one man completely filled that bill. His name is Yeshua. However, that does not mean that I do not press toward fulfillment of this virtuous calling.

A true man loves those who are his, especially a wife and the children she may bring forth to him. He desires to see them happy, secure, healthy, and provided for. He desires that they will fulfill their respective callings before Yehovah and be delivered safe and full into His heavenly kingdom. He does his best to protect them from dangers, giving his life to protect them if need be. He guides and rules over his home even as Messiah does the Church. Cross He does not let them wander without direction, for he himself has direction because a true man is plugged into the Chief Director.

He rules his household with patience and gentleness, but unbending in basic principles. He honors a wife as a queen. He gives himself to serve her need, she gives herself to serve his purpose. They are partners, companions, and friends. There is no competition for the throne in the house because in the manner that Messiah rules the Church, and values each member of the Church, so he governs and values a wife, she is an extreme earthly delight, and Yehovah's word also dwells in her. A true man is satisfied within his marriage vow, he recognizes the marriage vow as a parallel to the covenant of Messiah to the Believer, and the Believer to Messiah. Faith This man, this man of wisdom and the fear of Yehovah does not consider a wife as his equal, but rather considers her life of greater value then his own. For it is this very point of reasoning that empowers him to so completely love her, preferring her needs over his own. Abe However, this godly man would never consider surrendering his headship to her or to her children, for he realizes that in respect to headship the woman is not his equal, nor can she ever be. The godly man realizes that women were created by Yehovah to be in submission to men in general terms, (what is called eldership rule) and in particular terms the wife is to be in submission to the will and purpose of her husband. He realizes that under Messiah he as a husband is to be to his wife: a savior, a protector, a nurturer, a friend, a partner, a leader, a teacher, one who washes her with Yehovah's word, a visionary, a lover: but he is never to be a follower of his wife. For as Messiah leads the Church, this man realizes he is to lead his wife and family. For the true man realizes that any life pattern different from the pattern set by how Messiah treats a Believer is an abomination to the truth.

Surely God would not have created such a being as man with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality.
~Abraham Lincoln~

He is honored by his children because he is truthful, gentle, predictable, and fun loving, but he will still spank their backsides if they don’t obey, for he realizes that discipline administered in their youth is far better than rearing a hellion, or a fool. His word is his bond, and he would sooner suffer hurt than bend the truth. He He is a free thinker, not subjecting himself to every wind of popular teaching that may come along. He loves the truth of Yehovah, and finds his life’s bearings in the company of godly men, and by prayerful study and obedience to the Holy Scriptures, for he understands the Scriptures to be a written revelation of the mind and heart of the Almighty God. He is willing to suffer for the truth sake. In fact, he realizes that love's strength, whether to Yehovah or to man, stands in sacrifice. He hates the way of liars, hypocrites, and the effeminate who try to feminize manhood and white wash the truth. In his strength, he is not macho and over-bearing. He allows others, especially his household to be who they are, to blossom as flowers in the garden of life, but he will do a little pruning as necessary.

He concerns himself with the affairs of his community and his nation, in order to establish and maintain justice, wisdom, equity, purity, proper judgment, and godly vision, in short--- he works to assure godly living in his generation, to bring forth Yeshua's kingdom. This true man is a godly man who hates the way of the liberal man, just as the liberal man (Who is a loser) hates the way of the godly man. Their ways are at enmity the one with the other. For the liberal man, thinks after the fashion of this present world, according to the principles of the Prince of Darkness. He thinks according to the mode of arrogance and rebellion, according to the lust of his flesh and his eyes. He is a man pleaser, a self-pleaser, instead of a God pleaser. It is this type of man who would support the murder of the unborn, socialism, feminism, humanism, materialism, atheism, situational ethics, and all other godless philosophies. The way of the ungodly man shall surely be held in judgment and he shall experience very great destruction, even eternal damnation if he does not submit himself to the Lord’s Messiah. Lastly, let me say that the godly man knows that he shall one day answer to Yehovah his creator for what he did in this life, so he humbly cries out, “Dear Yehovah, help me!” For the way of the righteous, that true man, his way grows brighter and brighter as does the earth at the rising of the sun, until he receives a welcome from the Almighty, and His Messiah, into an eternal habitation prepared for all who love light.

May America be blessed with more and more true men.

An American Watchman
Gregory A. DeHart


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