Alaska, America, Governor Parnell: Let's Talk About Abortion, State Money, and Denali Kid Care

Alaska, America, Governor Parnell: Let's Talk About Abortion, State Money, and Denali Kid Care

This article is more or less a frank discussion concerning a recent decision of the Alaska State Governor Sean Parnell in regards to monies vetoed that were meant for additional support of the Denali Kid Care program. The Denali Kid Care program being yet another in a long line of socialistic programs in our nation, but this one was using its money to pay for abortions. The principles in this article are basic to all of America.

Alaska, America, Governor Parnell: Let’s Talk About Abortion, State Money, and Denali Kid Care or Are Alaska and America playing the Limbo Stick?

limboWhen I was a child I remember a certain contest that was aired on television. It was called the LIMBO STICK. The contestants were required to pass under a small horizontal pole (The limbo stick) held up on each end, but as I recall the contestants were not allowed to bend forward, only backwards. As I remember there were typically about a dozen people who started in the contest, and each time a person endeavoring to pass under the “limbo stick” knocked it off from its stand, that person was be eliminated from the game, and each time the contestants had successfully passed under the limbo stick it was lowered yet another notch. Lower and lower it went.

How Low Can You Go?

I can still hear the crowd ooeing and awwing, and gasping, and each time the “limbo stick” was lowered the words, “HOW LOW CAN THEY GO” would be spoken. Of course in the end there was only one person left, and that person was considered the winner.

Alaska residents, American Citizens, Alaska State Governor Sean Parnell, I have a question for you? How low can we go? How low in our back-sliding, immoral, and murderous ways will we go before we are willing to admit our depravity and turn from it into the face of Yeshua, the One whom God has appointed the Savior and Lord of all men, and nations? Is this some kind of game we are playing, to see just how low in depravity and lawlessness we can descend before the Creator and Lord of all destroys us for our transgressions of His laws?

parnellFriday, June 18, 2010 the Anchorage Daily News headline story was entitled: (1) State funded 664 abortions in 2009. (2) Then the article went on to say the Alaska Governor vetoed money to expand Denali Kid Care, saying that some of the money paid for abortions. (3) One of Alaska’s female Democratic Senators, a certain Bettye Davis is quoted as referring to the number of abortions funded by the State of Alaska’s Denali Kid Care program as a “very small number”. (4)Then the article went on to say that in 2009 there was 1,875 abortions done in Alaska. (5) Of course that figure does on take into account those people who leave the state to have the “procedure” done elsewhere. (6)Then the article proceeded to say that these state funded abortions were all considered “medically necessary”, and that according to a Democratic contender for the governorship, a certain Hollis French, Governor Parnell’s action was irresponsible, for that person is quoted as saying, (7) “standing between a woman and her doctor is “irresponsible”. (8)These abortions, as are all abortions that Denali Kid Care has hired done were considered, “medically necessary”, and that the judgment as to when an abortion (The elimination of a child’s life) is medically necessary is left to the judgment of the treating physician. (9)Then After this the article went on to supply testimony as to the approximate cost to the state per each “procedure”, (abortion—or child murdered) and that figure was stated as $580. (10) The last major contention of the article was, and I quote the article, “the last $3 million that Parnell vetoed would have allowed 1,300 more children and 218 more pregnant women on Denali Kid Care, according to state estimates.”

Now to be honest and all together straight forward I guess I must confess that this back woods prophet came quit literally from the other side of the tracks, and at the same time the other side of the swamp, in that I was raised on a small farm out in the woods and swamps of Northern Minnesota. One of ten kids, and I think only two of us kids every saw any formal college education. Out milking cows and pitching manure since I was about 6 years old, and in the summer when those chores were done there was always a large garden to pull weeds in. So I suppose in the minds of many my comments may not have credentials enough to be considered, and I have to admit, without the modern invention of a spell check, anything I might write would very likely have more than one miss-spelled word in it. However, none the less, I think that the Almighty has taught this poor farmer’s boy a few things. Therefore, I think I’ll sound off for a few minutes.

  1. The State of Alaska. One of the fifty states of these United States of America according to the Daily News article is a consumer in the big dollar business of the abortion industry, and this to the tune of 664 lives being exterminated in the year of our Lord 2009. Of course, this figure does not at all reflect what participation the State of Alaska has had as a consumer in the Abortion industry in prior years. How many thousands of lives have been “legally” exterminated by funds from the State of Alaska though the years? I don’t know, but this I do know. There is a God in heaven that has a total and accurate accounting. This I can promise you. For He has received the spirits of these innocents into His presence, and He will bring into account those that have shed innocent blood. Alaska, you can’t hide from God Almighty, He’ll bring you into account for these murders just as sure as sure as the Matanuska River is murky.
  2. Alaska State Governor Sean Parnell had the back bone to take a alaskastand. Congratulation Governor, and I sincerely mean that! I like men with some guts, and proper judgment. Governor: It seems very apparent to me that the general populous is becoming more and more persuaded that there are very few politician left in American life that have any metal in their backbone when it comes to doing what is right and honorable. In other words, that our civil leaders (And this includes very many of our religious leaders also) all together to often are very confused and cowardly when it comes to acting according to the wisdom and fear of God, for so often we see them selling out to popularity and promotion. Now do not take me wrong, I believe civil headship is a very honorable calling and vocation, but like that of Church ministry and government, in the end it will only be shown honorable if it is fulfilled according to the fear of God. Governor, Yeshua, who by Yehovah’s appointing is Lord over all nations is watching you. He will strengthen you to do good if you abide in Him. If you choose well, He will abundantly reward you, but if you choose evil, in spite of how popular it might be at the time, He will judge you accordingly. He will not be mocked. Governor: If there is any hope for this nation it will necessitate godly men standing up and establishing a backbone, and then fighting for what is according to the fear and wisdom of God. Keep being a good example, and good men will follow you. This generation very badly is in need of leadership with guts and godly wisdom. By the way, I heard your state of the state address earlier this year. I must admit, I was impressed with both you and what you had to say. It is not often a politician impresses me, not often at all.
  3. Democratic Senator Bettye Davis stated that the number of lives that the State of Alaska had paid to have exterminated is “very small”. I suggest she says that only because it is not her life that is at stake. If it was her life that was next to be exterminated, then I deathimagine she would think that the list is in fact very large. America: This woman, and all who follow her practices had better repent, for I tell you that the wrath of the eternal God is upon the unbelieving and wicked, and in due time He will execute vengeance.
  4. Although the State of Alaska funded the “legalized” killing of 664 innocent people in the year of our Lord 2009 though the procedure called abortion, there was really a total of 1,875 such killings that “legally” took place in our state. Alaska, like so much of America is sure is beginning to more and more sound like Hitler’s Germany.
  5. Lives that are not wanted are simply exterminated. I suppose I should add a personal note to this comment. Like I say, I was one of ten kids born in to a poor family, and besides that, according to what my Grandmother told me I was a very sickly infant and not expected by some to live. I suppose if my mother and father would have subscribed to the mindset of many in this generation I would have been a prime candidate to have been aborted. In other words to be exterminated. For face it, my life, particularly at the first was very much an added weight and hardship to my mother. But my mother (blessed be her memory) did not think along the lines of murder to solve her problems, but trusted in the Living God.
  6. Then beyond the 1,875 “legalized” killings that were performed in the state in this last year, there were those that chose to participate in the abortion industry outside of the state, and by the way, to be politically correct one needs to term the aborting of a child as a “procedure”. Hmmmm, isn’t that a handy little cover up term? I guess you might say that Hitler’s Germany executed about 6 million procedures upon the Jews of Europe. Now I realize that Hitler did not command 6 million literal abortions to be executed, but if a person is dead, what is the difference how they were killed? Is not dead, dead?
  7. Medically necessary, that is what these killings were called. It’s the defenseless babies today. I suppose tomorrow it will be the infirm and elderly. I suppose after a while it will be just about anyone who doesn’t fit into the popular agenda. That seems to me to be the obvious progression of things. Alaska State Residents: Are we going to just sit and let it happen? Or will we humble ourselves before the Mighty hand of God and seek Him, and turn from our wickedness and begin to do what is right?
  8. I will say this pertaining to the idea that no person or civil law has the right to stand between a woman and her doctor when they purpose to kill an innocent child because the pregnancy may have certain risk to it. There is no such thing as life without risk, and there certainly never has existed the reality that pregnancy did not contain a risk factor. Woman, if you are not willing to take the risk, then don’t be found in the sack with a man. I learned this lesson as a very young child on the farm. When we put a bull in the pen with the fresh cows he had the habit of mounting them, and by gully, those cows ended up being with calf, and with that pregnancy there was always certain risk. With pregnancy, be it man or beast there is certain risk. That is a fact of life. But it is also fact that the promise of God abides that He will protect the believing woman in pregnancy and childbirth. (1 Timothy 2:15)
  9. So, I guess we should change the 6th commandment from Thou shalt not kill to Thou shalt not kill unless a woman and flagher doctor conspire together to do it. Let me see, did not our national fathers base the foundations of this republic on the premise that all men have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS. But very apparently it doesn’t work that way in the case of a child who is not loved by his or her mother.
  10. Well Alaskans, Congratulations. You got yourself a bargain on the lives of 664 individuals. You purchased their extermination for only $580 each. I guess I need to give credit where it is due, and admit with modern prices it appears you got yourself quite a deal. For under $600 bucks each, you were able to be rid of 664 of your fellow residents. They are now out of sight, so I guess that means that they are out of our minds too. Well perhaps they are out of the minds of almost of us, but I assure you, they are not out of God’s mind.
  11. hourglassIt is really something how the perverted and murderous of heart will twist and pervert any point of communication or understanding to promote their agenda? They don’t shed a tear, or apparently even give a second thought to the hundreds of lives that have been exterminated this last year by means of public money, just so that they can promote their socialistic agenda. Which makes me wonder how in the world I and my brothers and sisters ever were able to grow up. 10 kids born to a poor back woods logger and farmer. One thing is for certain, I can promise you we never had much money, but somehow or other because our parents worked and never forsook us we all grew up, and in honesty, to the very best of my understanding, our being poor and having to work never did any one of us any harm, but in fact, did us much good. Mmmm, go figure!

Alaska, America:

You need to listen to this back woods prophet. If you think you can go on forsaking the laws and wisdom of the God that birthed this land and continue to prosper then you are certainly one big bunch of fools. I tell you, that as certainly has the Creator gave you two feet to walk upon, even more certainly than that, He will bring judgment upon this land. If we will not allow the arrogance and self-will of our lives to be brought into subjection to Him and His ways, then He will crush us under His heal. He will not be mocked. Whatsoever a man sows that will he also reap. It is His world, and life will be done His way, or else. It is that simple, it is no more complicated than that.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A. DeHart

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