American Current Events—The Judgment Of God Upon America Foretold In A Parable

American Current Events—The Judgment Of God Upon America Foretold In A Parable

By means of a parable, using an ancient Biblical story the author speaks concerning the arrogance of modern America which causes us to behave ourselves as rich and prosperous, and beyond the need to humble ourselves to seek and obey the Living God. Not admitting the existence of, let alone pursuing the calling given by God to our national fathers to be as a nation that carries God’s light in the world. The author says if we do not repent (Turn from) of our sins we will as a nation, to our terror, find out we were wrong.

American Current Events—The Judgment Of God Upon America Foretold In A Parable

To what should we liken this generation? To what shall we compare it to? America of late is like Nabal of old who had crops and herds that Yehovah had blessed so that he was very prosperous. He was, however, an arrogant fool who neither thanked nor honored Yehovah for His blessing, nor did he honor David who, with his four hundred men had camped near Nabal’s estate guarding it from thieves and raiders.

After harvest, David sent messengers to suggest a payment be given for their services. Nabal was drunk and foolishly belittled David, and laughed at the request. Later, upon hearing this, David became incensed. He and his soldiers lighting upon their mounts vowed that not a male person belonging to Nabal would live to see another day. However, Nabal had a wise and beautiful wife named Abigail who saw what was coming down. Knowing the reputation of David, she moved with fear and quickly prepared much provision in carts and on donkey’s backs and met David on the way. Bowing humbly, she confessed her husband’s sin and foolishness, pleading for the lives of all the men in her husband’s estate. David moved by her beauty, wisdom, faith, and humility, received her gifts and reproof. He turned and went his way thanking God for her.


Nabal is America, prosperous but arrogant and foolish. Abigail is the Church, clothed in beauty, wisdom, and faith, who, knowing the character of God moves with fear to intercede for a foolish generation. David represents Yehovah who receives the intercession of the Church and spares Nabal (America). Those who know to pray, had better do it! By the way, Yehovah Himself struck Nabal, and he died about ten days later. David took the lovely Abigail to himself as his wife. America, do you think Yehovah cannot also strike you a death blow? Do you not realize that He can sink you as easily as He sunk the Titanic? Who do you think put that iceberg in the path of the Titanic? Arrogant men boasted against God that even He could not sink their ship, and now arrogant men boast against God saying they have the right to outlaw Him and behave lawlessly. Let us turn to God from: divorce, adultery, teen sex (fornication), pornography, unfair taxation, abortion, and the self-will of evolutionism, feminism expressed in numerous ways, lewd and violent

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