What Makes a Man, What Is Being a Man All About? Considering Marriage, Family, and Other Aspects or A Man Of God Gives Definition to Manhood

What Makes a Man, What Is Being a Man All About? Considering Marriage, Family, and Other Aspects or A Man Of God Gives Definition to Manhood

An attempt to give an explanation of manhood, perhaps as similar, but opposite to the Biblical exposition of womanhood found in Proverbs chapter 31. Meant as a condensed measuring rod for godly manhood.

What Makes a Man, What Is Being a Man All About? Considering Marriage, Family, and Other Aspects or A Man Of God Gives Definition to Manhood

Hey America:

What makes a man? What is being a man all about? When Yehovah (The eternal name of God, found in the original language of the Scripture nearly 7,000 times) created the sexes did He not have a set of attributes in mind for both sexes? All items created by man have their own designed purpose. How much more do we who are Yehovah’s ultimate creation? In writing this, I do not mean to in any way indicate that I have arrived at the full stature of manhood, for I do not perceive myself that way. In fact, I believe only one man completely filled that bill. His name is Yeshua. However, that does not mean that I do not press toward fulfillment of this virtuous calling.

smilemanA true man loves those who are his, especially a wife with the children she may bring forth to him. He desires to see them happy, secure, healthy, and provided for. He desires that they will fulfill their respective callings before Yehovah, and be delivered safe and full into the heavenly kingdom. He does his best to protect them from dangers, giving his life if need be. He guides and rules over his home even as Christ does the Church. He does not let them wander without direction. He himself has direction because a true man is plugged into the Chief Director. He rules his household with patience, and gentleness, but unbending in basic principles. He honors a wife as a queen. He gives himself to serve her needs, she gives herself to serve his purpose. They are partners, companions, and friends. There is no competition for the throne in the house because in the manner that Christ rules the Church and values each member of the Church, so he rules and values his wife: she is an extreme earthly delight, and the word of God dwells in her also. A true man is satisfied within his marriage vow, he recognizes the marriage vow as a parallel to the covenant of Christ to the Believer, and the Believer to Christ. This man, this man of wisdom and the fear of God does not consider a wife as his equal, but rather considers her life of greater value then his own. For it is this very reason that he in love is empowered to so completely prefer her needs over his own. However, this godly man would never consider surrendering his headship to her, or to their children, for he realizes that in respect to headship the woman is not his equal, nor can ever be. For the woman was created by Yehovah to be in submission to the man, (What is called patriarchal or eldership rule) and in particular terms the wife is to be in submission to the will and purpose of her husband. He realizes that under Christ he as a husband is to be to his wife: a savior, a protector, a nurturer, a friend, a partner, a leader, a teacher, one who washes her with God’s word, a visionary, a lover: but he is never to be a follower of his wife. For as Christ leads the Church this man realizes he is to lead his wife and family. For any life pattern different than the pattern Christ set in His example of how He treats a Believer is an abomination to the truth.

He is honored by his children because he is truthful, gentle, predictable, and fun loving. But he will spank their backsides if they don’t obey, for he realizes that discipline administered in their youth is far better than rearing a hellion, or a fool. His word is his bond, and he would sooner suffer hurt than bend the truth. He bends his knees before God alone. He is a free thinker not subjecting himself to every wind of popular teaching that may come along. He loves the truth of God and finds his life’s bearings in the company of godly men and by prayerful study and obedience to the Holy Scriptures, for he understands the Scriptures to be a written revelation of the mind and heart of the Almighty God. He is willing to suffer for the truth sake. In fact, he realizes that love’s strength, whether to God, or to man, stands in sacrifice. He hates the way of liars, hypocrites, and the effeminate who try to feminize manhood and white wash the truth. In his strength he is not macho and over-bearing. He allows others, especially his household, to be who they are, to blossom as flowers in the garden of life, but he will do a little pruning as necessary.

bibleHe concerns himself with the affairs of his community and his nation, to establish and maintain justice, wisdom, equity, purity, proper judgment, and godly vision; in short, he works to assure godly living in his generation, to bring forth Christ’s kingdom. This true man, is a godly man who hates the way of the liberal man. (Sinful man) Just as the liberal man (Who is a loser) hates the way of the godly man. Their ways are at enmity, the one with the other. For the liberal man thinks after the fashion of this present world, according to the principles of the Prince of Darkness. He thinks according to the mode of arrogance and rebellion, according to the lust of his flesh and his eyes. He is a man pleaser, a self-pleaser, not of a God pleaser. It is this type of man who would support the murder of the unborn, socialism, feminism, humanism, materialism, atheism, situational ethics, and all other godless philosophies. The way of the ungodly man shall surely be held in judgment, and he shall experience very great destruction, even eternal damnation if he does not submit himself to the Lord’s Christ. Lastly, let me say that the godly man knows that he shall one day answer to Yehovah his creator for what he did in this life, so he humbly cries out, “Dear God, help me!” For the way of the righteous, that true man, his way grows brighter and brighter as does the earth at the rising of the sun, until he receives a welcome from the Almighty and His Christ into an eternal habitation prepared for all who love light.

May America be blessed with more and more true men.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A De Hart

Consider: Tit. 2:1-2, Ge. 3:1-24, Ps. 112:1-10, Ro. 10:9, I. Kings. 2:1-3, Rev. 20, 21- 22, Ps. 1:1-6