Contraceptives-Do They Counter Yehovah's Command To Multiply-Do They Slander Heavenly Realities?

Contraceptives-Do They Counter Yehovah's Command To Multiply-Do They Slander Heavenly Realities?

The author focuses on the reasoning behind the commandment of Yehovah that directs the believing married couple to multiply themselves through childbirth. Showing how this law was created by Yehovah to not only fill the earth with the faithful, but also to reflect heavenly realities, and thus any violation of these laws serves as a perversion of the proper testimony that a godly faithful life is to bring forth, and is therefore loathed by God. Using the illustration that the real importance of the command of an everyday stop sign is far more than just to stop, but rather it is that the motorist having stopped, carefully considers the traffic, and thus judges how to proceed without damage. In like manner the faithful obedience to God’s laws, or the violation of them has far greater ramifications then the immediate natural effect on the people involved.

Contraceptives-Do They Counter Yehovah’s Command To Multiply-Do They Slander Heavenly Realities?

When one pulls up to a stop sign what is it that is being communicated to the person? Undoubtedly the obvious communication is that the person must stop. But why? Nothing is said on the sign as to why the person must stop. This is taken as a thing that is supposed to be understood by the driver, or the driver should not be driving. The reason for the command is for the driver to stop in order that he can look both ways and thus respond to the traffic that may or may not be present on the road that day. Thus the actual commandment only has value because it allows for the more important reasoning behind it, which is for the driver to slow down sufficiently (stop) to consider the traffic on the road way and act accordingly.

Yehovah’s laws pertaining to the act of marriage, (sex) and the obvious natural consequence of childbirth are like this. The greatest importance of them is in the reasoning behind them, this reasoning goes beyond the immediate sphere of men’s lives. Undoubtedly there is extreme importance in the immediate sphere of men’s lives for Yehovah’s laws pertaining to marriage to be fulfilled, for this allows for stable and happy lives for all involved, and the extension of Yehovah’s kingdom on earth. Yehovah’s laws related to marriage, (Which includes sex and childbirth) not only have an earthly need for fulfillment, meaning they are needed to properly direct the affairs of man on the earth for his immediate good and protection, but at the same time represent heavenly and eternal realities. The following is an explanation of the heavenly realities that are reflected by the use of contraceptives, therein, defining the cause for the most extreme reason for Yehvoah’s disappointment in disobedience. For to violate Yehovah’s laws pertaining to any aspect of marriage is to slander the heavenly realities that the faithful marriage was created by God to picture.


Contraceptives-Their Obvious Natural Consequences and the Heavenly Picture They Represent

In that Yehovah created the man as a living mortal illustration of Himself, and the woman as a living mortal illustration of the Church, and caused that they would come together in marriage, and in the confines of marriage reproduce themselves, the practice of birth control has far greater ramifications then the immediate effect of having fewer children. However, before we consider in any depth the heavenly realities that are pictured in the use of contraceptives let’s first briefly consider the obvious natural immediate affect: having fewer children. Considering that Yehovah commanded the married couple to “be fruitful and multiply in the earth”, does the use of contraceptives agreeably fit into that commandment? Beyond that, in that Yehovah has purposed that in part His kingdom be extended by the birth of children who are to be raised in the fear of God, (A form of evangelism) can the believing couple in good conscious toward this basic calling and objective of God, purposely limit or eliminate children being born to themselves? I will not offer an answer to these questions, but leave them to be answered according to the reader’s own faith before God.

14In regards to the heavenly picture that may be seen in the use of contraceptives I have these things to say. Mankind is the highest of all the creation of God and was made to reflect in their persons (Both the male and the female) great and eternal heavenly realities. The man was created to be a reflection of God Himself, the woman a reflection of the individual Believer, or the corporate Church. Therefore, for those that purpose in their heart to be faithful, this reality is to be held in great consideration. For the faithful man and woman desires in their actions to fulfill the complete and proper testimony of godliness that they were designed to fulfill.

The seed of man is an illustration of the seed of God, which is His word. (1 Peter 1:23) Even as the new Christian Believer was conceived by the seed of God, (His word) and brought forth as a new babe in Christ, the seed of man sown into the woman plays its part in the conception of all human life. The obvious conclusion to this is that since the seed of man represents the seed of God, that the destruction of the seed of man illustrates the destruction, or negation of the seed of God. This is a picture that I want nothing to do with. I ask you, does Yehovah by the Holy Spirit through the Church sow His word into the world only to then turn around and destroy it? I think not. In like manner, neither then should the man sow the seed of his body into the woman and then destroy it. Even as the word of God is left in the care of God to be brought forth to its rightful fulfillment, the seed of man ought to be, after which it is sown into the body of the wife, left into the hands of God to be brought to whatever fulfillment He purposes. Birth control by the destruction of the seed of man signifies the destruction of the seed of God. Birth control by the destruction of the seed of the woman brings forth the heavenly picture of destroying the ability of a person to receive God’s word. Both pictures are slanderous of the truth, and ought not to be brought forth.

Beyond these pictures, many people view the use of contraceptives as expressing the very spirit of abortion. For as the practice of abortion eliminates the bringing forth of children through the death of the child, the use of contraceptives eliminates the bringing forth of children through the destruction of the seed of the man, or of the woman, thus eliminating children. And, as it has already been stated, it is questionable that the practice of contraceptives works to bring forth a fulfillment of the commandment of God stated through His servant Noah, (Genesis 9:7 KJV) “And You, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.” And beyond these things, any form of contraceptive that destroys the seed of the man or the woman certainly brings forth a corrupt illustration of its heavenly counterpart: the word of God, and the need of the human heart to receive God’s word.

So what we find in modern America is that the humanistic thought patterns that have sprung forth from man’s wisdom, (Versus obedience to Yehovah’s laws) have created a generation that do not understand or value the truths of Yehovah that pertain to the man and the woman being the highest of God’s creation, and as such, are meant by Yehovah to be living mortal illustrations in all aspects of their lives of the eternal God and His purposes in the Church. This fact reflects that many in our generation have divorced God. It is that simple. It is no more complicated than that. Yes, we might boast that we are Christians, and that we are faithful, but Yeshua said that “a tree will be known by its fruits”. And in the end, the real values of a person are known by what that person does or allows.

![18]( sorrow works repentance, which is a first step in coming to God

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