A Bible Based Exhortation Directed To The Godly Man and Woman In America Who Feels Small and Alone

A Bible Based Exhortation Directed To The Godly Man and Woman In America Who Feels Small and Alone

The author offers a Bible based exhortation to encourage those, both men and women who are of godly character as to the importance of their lives and convictions. He does this by giving examples of people of faith and character that have in the past made a difference in their generation for God, and for His purposes.

A Bible Based Exhortation Directed To The Godly Man and Woman In America Who Feels Small and Alone

Hey America, and godly people everywhere:

I see in many of our people an attitude that asks, “Does the small bit of my life’s influences really make any difference in the big scheme of things? After all, I’m not the president, or a state governor, a big military leader, a minister, or a this, or a that”. Hey, I can relate to those feelings. When there are so very many ungodly trends that have been coming on with such strength, without the encouragement of Yehovah’s word and presence one could easily think there is no hope, and thus view the contribution of their life’s effort as small and without meaningful consequence.

Friend, without the intervention of God all good will undoubtedly be lost in regards to our national life. I am convinced that the Lord has in the past, and will continue in the future to raise people up to stand in the gap for the salvation of our country unto to His glory.

When I was very young I heard the story (Although I suppose fictional) of a young lad in Holland who finding a small leak in the earthen dike that kept from his village the mighty North Sea, held an object in the hole. This stopped the leak and consequential erosion until help could arrive. Thus the young boy saved his entire village. Now was the young boy in this story some special person, or a bigwig in the community? Obviously he was not. I am convinced that the reasoning of the wise would account that what a person is, what his character is composed of, is of far greater importance then what his social and economic standing is.

Picture a beautifully knitted sweater where one thread gets snagged. Although there are thousands of stitches of yarn, the one snagged is the one so quickly noticed, just a snag or two can take away the crisp look of the sweater. Each man, each woman, each marriage, each family is a thread in the fabric of our society. Each of us must try to avoid snags and reach out to heal the snags near us.

A man of God once said, “God’s method is a man”. Consider Gideon of old and his small band. Yehovah’s working in America will be through people of true character who are: faithful, wholesome, lovers of purity, godly, even though they may not be the majority in numbers. Not that these men and women have to be perfect, for remember there has only been one perfect man, but we must maintain an honest earnest love for truth in our hearts. America’s salvation will certainly never be through those who glory in their own wisdom making no effort to search out Yehovah’s wisdom. Such men are arrogant and Yehovah’s judgment rests upon them. Do not forget, in every generation the many are either blessed or cursed by the few.

A Few Good Men

As it is said of the Marine Corp, so it is with God, He is looking for just a “few good men”. Remember that each one of us, and especially all of us together, are like what Governor William Bradford (The first man to serve as governor in Plymouth) spoke, “As one small candle may light a thousand, so the light kindled here has shown unto many, yea in some sort to our whole nation…we have noted these things so that you might see their worth and not negligently lose what our fathers have obtained with so much hardship”.

My fellow countrymen: Our fathers and grandfathers by the practice of gradual compromise were neglectful of the Christian ethic and faith, thus resulting in this generation’s embrace of the ideology of humanism, which practice has led to the embracing of evolutionism, the practicing of the doctrines of socialism and feminism, the combination of these ideologies have in recent decades certainly led to the practice of liberalism. (Where anything goes) All of which have been shown to be atheistic in nature. All of these ideologies have worked together, and have taken a huge toll against the godly character that this land’s people and institutions once possessed. The time for individual and collective conviction toward the fear of Yehovah is now. Now is the day of salvation. For the Lord would visit this people, but we must turn from our wickedness.

So be strong oh individual man, for the eyes of the Yehovah go to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are perfect toward Him, and consider this. Will Yehovah not be found faithful to reward each according to his life’s labors?

An American Watchman,

Gregory A. DeHart

Consider: 1Co. 12:12-26, 1Sa. 14:6, 1Sa. 17:33-37, 2Sam. 7:18-29, 2 Chron. 16:9, 1 Kings 2:1-3, Is. 42:1-4, Is. 66:1-4, Zech. 2:11, Jn. 15:1-5, Ez. 22:30-33, 1Ki. 11:1-13, 1Ki. 19:14-18, Ro. 8:1-2

Quotation taken from THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY