Feminism, Which Is the Worship of Women, Is One of the Most Common Acts of Idolatry in America Today

Feminism, Which Is the Worship of Women, Is One of the Most Common Acts of Idolatry in America Today

The author in revealing and candid terms speaks of a common modern Western practice, that of putting the desires and persons of women ahead of obedience to God, thus defining this practice as idolatry.

Hey America:

And Yehovah said, (Deuteronomy 6: 5--KJV) "And thou shalt love the Lord thy God (“Yehovah your lord” is a more correct translation) with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might." The man Yeshua, the Messiah said, (Luke 14:26 KJV) "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

In simple terms, God is to be loved and obeyed above and before any, and everything else.

The outline of this article will be as follows:

• A look at what worship is.

• A look at what a New Testament view of idolatry is.

• A look at the person and nature of Yehovah, (The triune God) considering what allows Him the place to demand our worship above all things.

• A look at who Yeshua (Yeshua is the Hebrew name for the person most English speaking people call Jesus- who is God who wrapped Himself in humanity) is, and what allows Him the place to demand our worship above all things.

A look at the common practice of the worship of women in American society today

A popular modern dictionary defines worship as: The reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object. I doubt that very many of us would argue with the fact that every human heart accords varied levels of love and devotion to different things. We all, to varying degrees love different things. For instance, you may say, "I love my car." I can personally tell you that compared to walking, I love my car very much. You may say, "I love my home." And again, compared to living in a tent or under a bridge, I love my house very much. In both of these examples most of us have proven to be devoted to not only obtaining them, but continuing them in our lives, for we wish to reap the benefits of having these in our lives. Certainly, beyond the two things I have mentioned there are many things the human heart loves. We love our family members, we love our spouses, we love beauty, we love sex, we love our neighbors, we love our pets, or our businesses, we love money, we love the things money buys, we love our time off from work, we love the acceptance of others, we love the accommodation of others, etc. None of these things in themselves are evil, and in fact, all of them in their proper places are very good and healthy for us. So, if within our hearts there is found love and devotion to the things of this world, is that idolatry? Do we love God less because we have a love and devotion to these? Not necessarily, but yes, at the very same time it is entirely possible that things that have been freely given to us by Yehovah Himself can work to steal from Yehovah the love and devotion that is firstly, and primarily due Him.


Remember, as we quoted at the beginning of this article, Yeshua said that if we are to be His disciple we must hate our father, our mother, our brothers, our sisters, our wives, and even our own lives. Yes, if one took this single verse completely literally, without balancing it with the whole body of the Holy Scriptures, it would seem that Yeshua is commanding us to be continually at war with those who ought to be our first and greatest support in life, seemingly hating those nearest and dearest to us in this present life, including ourselves. But this is not the case. He is saying that the love that we have for things other than Himself must be secondary to the love and devotion we have toward Him. So much so, that if any of these things, which generally speaking are important and beautiful things in our lives, begin to stand between us fulfilling our love and devotion to God, that our love for the lesser things must turn into a hatred to the extent that is necessary to keep them secondary to our love for God. Even as a wife may have fondness, care, and appreciation for varied men in her life, ultimately, she can only have one husband, whom she must have complete love and devotion for. Even so it is with a Believer before Messiah. The Believer may have numerous things that he has fondness, care, and appreciation for, but ultimately if they begin to get in the way of loving and following Messiah, then they must go. As a wife, cannot have two husbands, a Believer cannot have two Lords.

So, to reduce what could be volumes of paper into a few words I will quote the words of the Apostle Paul, "And whatsoever ye do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, (Colossians 3:17a KJV) and, "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31 KJV) If we keep the admonition of these two statements given by the Apostle Paul, we will not be guilty of idolatry. So, I say that worship toward God is simply giving Him the highest place, not allowing any other to side track us from granting to Him the love and devotion that is exclusively due Him.

How is it that God can demand the complete love and devotion of men?

In other words, how is it that God can be worshiped? Is this right, is this proper? I believe the answer to those questions lies in examining who God is. Yehovah (The Hebrew name for the triune God, who displays Himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) created all things. The Scripture teaches us that everything both seen and unseen was created by Him. Therefore, using the most simple and basic logic, we determine that He owns all things, and if He owns all things, then He is in authority over all things. Which of course would mean that He owns us. Therefore, by the mindset of the Holy Scriptures He deserves the 100% first and foremost love and devotion from all of His creation. Mankind, being the highest order of the natural creation has been given both the privilege and responsibility to be able to offer a much higher and enlightened form of worship to the creator than any other created thing. I ask you, "Have you ever seen a dog kneel before God and pray, or lift its paws toward heaven and offer praise to Yehovah?” No, they are to Yehovah's praise by simply being what they were programed to be. It is the privilege of man to offer from an enlightened and willing heart the higher form of worship to his creator.


How is it that Yeshua, being a man could seemingly stand in the place of God to demand 100% loyalty and devotion to Himself? The answer to that question lies in the fact that He is not only man, but at the same time God. He is the Almighty God who became a man. He is all God, but at the same time all man. The term used to describe this is the "The Incarnation of Christ". (1 Tim. 3:16) God became a man, so that He could become sin, so that we who were dead in sin could become children of righteousness, (2 Co. 5:21) and then one day be clothed in a spiritual body even as He (Messiah) possesses today. Therefore, He is worthy of worship. For He is God, He is our creator, and He is our redeemer. Amen

In the writings of what we refer to as the Old Testament one will find many examples of idol worship. Where people would create images of wood, of pottery, or perhaps of gold or silver. In the ignorance and blindness of their hearts they would worship these as if they were gods. These "gods" would have been found in every size and shape. Some were large and in-movable, others were small and light weight and could be carried from place to place. But all of them had one thing in common. And that is that they were no gods at all, they were only images of men, or beasts, or whatever. Satan, (Whom the Bible refers to as the god of this world) used those images to occupy the attention of men so that they did not bother to look up, and look around, and in so doing view the creation and understand that it had a creator, and that they themselves had a creator, and that only the creator was worthy to be worshipped.


The idea of idol worship to the modern mind seems very childish and primitive. However, our modern generation in actuality has many more idols then the "primitive" man of long ago and distant places. We do this by allowing almost anything and everything to occupy a place of preeminence in our hearts above and before the true and living God. In short, we lust after very many things, putting them before the honor and devotion due Yehovah only. The very things that were given to us by God to use and enjoy, because we do not keep them in their proper place become a form of idolatry and stumbling blocks to us. Anything, no matter how good and necessary it may be, if it is put before Yehovah becomes an idol.

So, Back To The Main Point Of This Article

How is it that I can say that the spirit and practice of feminism amounts to the worship of women, and, that it is a very common form of idolatry in American today? We have thus far concluded that God is to be loved above all things, which means He is to be obeyed above all things. That in fact, the greatest and first commandment concerning men is to love God with all our being. He must be first, and foremost. Putting, or allowing a woman, or women in general, a place of love and devotion superior to Yehovah is to commit idolatry, and this is very common practice in America today. You may say, "how is it that this is being done? Anytime, any of the Lord's commandments, or the testimony of His word is violated to please or accommodate any person, religion, government of men, or anything else, is to establish whatever you placed in front of God as your idol. So, if it is a woman that you put before God, then you have affectively made her an idol in your life, and are guilty of idolatry. Modern America promotes this very thing in many ways. Typically, many refer to it as women’s rights. But if we are to please God we must understand that ultimately a woman, just like a man, before God, only has one basic right, and that is to obey God. This right, the eternal creator has given to all, and no man or government has the right to take it away. In fact, no one can take this right away, we each from our hearts can lay this right down if we choose, but ultimately, it cannot be taken from us.

There are many ways in which this is played out in modern Western Societies. Two of the more basic, and common "nuts and bolts" of how this is played out in our American Society are:

• In 1920 the United States Constitution was changed allowing for women to exercise a civil vote. This, in affect pronounced them equal in headship to their scripturally appointed head. IE, if a woman is unmarried (And in that state, should be a virgin) she is to be subject to her father, and if a woman is married she is to be in subjection to her husband. At the same time this civil proclamation began to destroy eldership rule in regards to civil issues for it proclaimed that the woman was equal in headship to men in general terms. Thus, began the generation of co-ed ruler-ship in America. I say to you that all of this is completely ungodly and un-scriptural, and completely a demoralizing force in our society, and an abomination before Yehovah. For the man was first created by God, and is therefore subject directly to God, the woman came forth from the man, and is therefore subject to the man, even as a child who comes forth from its mother is subject to its mother. Nothing that is created by another, or has come forth from another can be equal to that which created it, or what it came forth from. That is basic logic, and it is also the commandment of God our savior. Therefore, O man, if you allow the women of your household to exercise a civil vote, or a vote in your religious community, or even an equal vote in your own house, you stand in violation of Yehovah's law, and the testimony of heavenly realities that stand behind that law, which the law is to represent, and such action is sin.


Oh yes, I know that after 90 years of our society believing and practicing the lie that “women are equal to men” (I speak in respect to headship, not worth, nor ability) this teaching falls with extreme difficulty on many ears, but it is the truth. So why are so few willing to step forward and obey God in this matter? Because it is not popular with women, and therefore there is a price to pay for those that will obey. For since the beginning Satan has enticed women to consider themselves wiser than men, and thus putting themselves forward to rule over them. This is exactly what played out in the lives of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman. Adam chose to make Eve an idol in his life. He chose to follow her instead of the voice of Yehovah. He chose to love her before and above Yehovah his creator. Therefore, he denied the commandment of Yehovah in order to please his wife. I tell you that this very sin is extremely common in America today. It is extremely common for men in America today to ignore the voice of Yehovah, and in so doing disobey the commandments of Yehovah in order to please a woman. This is idolatry.

• Another common expression of the same root sin is that of women being allowed to adorn themselves similarly to what a man would. This is expressly forbidden in the Law of God, as if stated in Deuteronomy 22:5, and I quote, "The woman shall not wear that which pertained unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God. (“Yehovah your lord” is a more accurate translation) Because of ignorance, I also, for numerous years lived in violation of this commandment although at the time expressing an open Christian testimony. But when it was brought to my attention that I lived in violation of this commandment, I being convicted, repented of my sin, and began to conform my life to the obedience of what is obviously communicated in this commandment. However, initially I did not understand why the Lord would demand such a thing. I cried out to God, "Why do You, who are the almighty sovereign, why do You care about threads?" God be praised, it was a very short time and He filled me with understanding. He showed me three reasons for clothing:

1. To protect us from the elements

2. To protect modesty. For all human people are sexually orientated, and without the protection of modesty there would be complete confusion and corruption.

3. To illustrate realties. Some of these realities will be natural, such as is illustrated in the uniform of a policeman, or a branch or rank in the military, etc. But other illustrations are of far more serious, and of eternal significance. In that the man was created to be a living mortal illustration of God Himself, and in that the woman was created to be a living mortal illustration of the Church (As well as the individual Believer) their calling and roles are completely different, the one from the other, and to pollute, or to destroy the demarcation of the two is an abomination before Yehovah. Chiefly, because the man represents God, and the woman represents the Church, therefore, everything they do must be in cooperation with what their lives and persons were created to illustrate. When the woman dresses like a man she is saying by her action that she is equal to the man, and able to walk out the same calling that was given to him. This in affect gives the illustration (In that she is a living mortal representation of the Church) that the Believer is equal to the Lord, and can therefore be lord of his own life. This friend, is exactly the spirit of Satan who determined that he was equal to the Almighty. You can read about this is Isaiah chapter 14. So, the spirit of feminism, which is the spirit of usurpation, which is embodied in the woman being declared equal in headship to the man, is an abomination to Yehovah. So, the act of adorning a woman as a man, and thus giving the illustration through this action that she is equal to the man, how common is this action? Very common. That is because the attitude of heart behind the action, (Which in the bottom line is self-will) although corrupt, is equally as common in America today.


So, you have it O man. In order to put God first you must make all other allegiances secondary. You cannot honor God as first, and disobey Him in order to please any man, or any institution, or anything else, and that includes a woman. Now I am not ignorant of the difficulties that will, in very many cases present themselves as a man steps out to begin to deny the falsehoods that are common in our society in regards to headship issues. None the less O man, you are required of God to exercise your manhood, and instruct, and then begin to enforce the implication of your headship. This will lead in many cases to the fulfillment of the words of our Lord Yeshua, "A man's foes shall be they of his own household". (Matthew 10:36 KJV) I would give this advice. Consider how the Lord Yeshua deals with His own. He deals with us with patience, with as much gentleness as possible, and with instruction, and in doing so He wins the hearts of those that truly love Him. However, do not make the mistake of corrupting your household by being forever patient with the sins of your household. For if you do this, you will end up like Eli of old. He would not deal with the sins of his sons, and in due time Yehovah held it against him, and punishment went out on his posterity because of his indifference to sin.

Beyond that advice, I will offer one more element of wisdom. Remember that Satan himself was once a cherished and loved member of Yehovah's heavenly family, as were all the angels that have been cast from heaven. Also, all the sons of men who have chosen to deny the truth and follow iniquity, these also, everyone, have been a source of pain in the heart of the eternal God. However, Yehovah will not deny Himself to please anyone. In like manner, it may cause you extreme pain to deal with (turn from) the sin of promoting or allowing the women of your house to walk outside of their given place. Yes, it may. It chiefly depends upon whether they will receive the love of the truth and be willing to turn from sin. But you O man, if you will love God, you must follow Him.

I say to you. A woman has many purposes, and can be a very extreme treasure to a man. She is to be loved, to be honored, to be cherished, to be nurtured, to be a friend, to be a partner, to share parenthood with, to work with, to play with, she is to fight for, and perhaps even to fight over, she is to look at, to hold, to make love to, and with. Many things. However, there is one thing that a man is never to do in respect to a woman, and that is to follow her in regards to the dictates of life. Even as Messiah is many things to a Believer, but He is never the follower. He is ever Lord, and ever Teacher, but never the disciple.

An American Watchman,
Gregory A DeHart

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